Sausage Legend Mod



Sausage Legend Mod

Multiplayer online battles finally come!

“Who would have thought that fighting meat from video games could be so addictive?”
now this

"There is a Japanese application in which you fight with sausages, and it is terribly addictive."

“‘ Sausage Legend ‘is a game about fighting sausage we deserve”
Touch arcade
Sausage selected one.
Draw your sword!

This is a fighting game in which you will own a sausage.
With a physical engine, sausages will react realistically.

How to play
Just hold the screen to charge power, and then release your finger to attack.

multiplayer online battle
Available 51 world sausage, created on the physics engine.
Realistic and beautiful 3D graphics!
2 players

Get all the legendary sausages and bring peace to the whole world.


Bugs fixed, etc.

Sausage Legend Apk