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Battle of the shadows

Shadow Battle, the new revolution of militants against the fighting.

★ Game Features ★
– Break into a melee with the help of violent blows or keep at a distance and bring down on the enemies of hell with quick shots, heavy rays or cluster bombs
– exquisite graphic quality
– Headphones are recommended to fully experience epic 3-D sound effects.
– Immersion control circuit without buttons
– Do not let a novice at the novice level fool you; they can sometimes become insanely difficult.
– Unlock new maps and stories as you continue
– Famous superheroes, ranging from good old days to the very last
– Explicit guidance for new players and effective preparation for acquaintance with a unique gameplay
– Use reputation points to participate in against mode, which significantly increases the reward for gold and increases the chance of items falling out
– Brilliant (literally) equipment awaits unlocking
– Diverse system of improvement abilities and characteristics
– Generous daily rewards available for free.
– Get free coins by inviting your friends through Facebook

(!) New inflexible heroes, tricks and multiplayer mode will soon appear in the next updates (!)

★ How to play ★
– Click anywhere in the empty space to move your hero
– Switch skills during combat by clicking on their icons in the lower right corner.
– At a long distance, click on the enemy to make quick shots, or linger for a few seconds to recharge and release a powerful energy explosion
– At a closer distance, click on the enemy to approach and conduct a series of melee attacks.
– Swipe the screen toward the enemy to execute a deadly dash attack
– Stay in place to automatically block incoming attacks
– Double tap on your hero to activate a powerful sound blast.
– Tap and hold your hero to quickly recover

★ Game History ★
Each character has its own story. Meanwhile, AI (Artificial Intelligence) was created to study their stories and interpret them for you. Most of the time he will guide you through the basics. Unfortunately, due to the critical mistake of its creator, this gave the AI ​​such a gloomy vision of understanding the shape of any hero. In addition, the small AI is still learning how to become better at player management.

★ contact us ★
We want to make sure you are entertained. Feel free to write us any feedback. They are real time loans for us. Let's improve the game together!

Any ideas and suggestions, please send us an email at [email protected].

★ Update offers ★
Please look at this survey and tell us what you want the most!



New features in 2.2:
– ★ New EPIC Heroes: Dragon Master and Project TX (2.2.27)
– ★ New game mode: Scan & Hunt (2.2.27)
– Remove Internet requirement
– Battle 4-star bosses: Unique mechanics
– Fragments of experience: much faster and easier alignment
– Remove Hero Upgrade standby time
– CUBE rebalance
– Online Multiplayer: Arena
– New game mode: Arena 3v3
– Leaderboards
– modernization of the engine
– Improved control
– Absolutely new interface
– And more!

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