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Studio Charm available for free download from our software library. This is a software tool that allows you to record, edit and mix sounds. Create effective, high-quality studio-level audiotherapy sessions quickly and easily. Produce individual practice sessions for your clients to use at home.

Features Sharm Studio Download

a record
Record hypnosis scripts and sentences with your own voice. Use the built-in script recorder for readability.

Sound editor
Edit recorded sound files immediately after recording. Delete unwanted voice segments. Overwrite any part as needed.

Ambient music
Use automatic ambient composition. Customize music to suit your needs. Create your own, original, free music.

Sounds of nature
Add and mix the relaxing sounds of nature. Enhance your sessions with a variety of soothing voices of nature with the touch of a button.

Export your sessions to sound files to listen to anywhere — on a CD player, MP3 player, smartphone, or tablet.

Studio Sound Production
Produce high quality audio sessions. Add real-time effects like Reverb and Echo. Distribute or sell recorded sessions.

Pre-recorded voices
Choose from a variety of ready-to-use pre-recorded suggestions and scenarios in many categories.

Script entry
Read and write your scripts, automatically scrolling text to accurately determine the time.

Brain wave entrainment
Create sessions with binaural and monophonic rhythms, isochronous tones and two-way panning.

Ambient music
This musical sample was automatically created by the ambient ambient music composer Sharm Studio.

Recorded voices
160+ sentences in a male and female voice. Categories include relaxation, health, maximum performance, personal development and more.

Nature library
90+ environmental sounds. Categories include nature, city and more.

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Title: Sharm Studio v7.11
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
English language
OS: Windows

Desktop, laptop, ultrabook or tablet
Intel processor or compatible; 4 GB of RAM
Windows 7/8/10
200 MB of disk space
Screen resolution 1280 × 768
Headphones or speakers and microphone

– New: drop-down list for selecting a voice for breathing instructions: male, female or my voice.
– New: a new recorder has been added to record your breathing instructions in your voice.
– Shorter breathing cycles are turned on (1-60 seconds).
– Several visual improvements and minor fixes.

Full version of Sharm Studio for PC

Charm Studio 7.11 | File size: 183 MB
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