Ships of the combat age of pirates



Ships of the combat age of pirates

Arrr, to me cheerfully. Blackbeard is calling you!

Blackbeard himself looked at you. Come and see what he has to offer!
Conquer the open sea as a ruthless pirate. AT Ships of battle: the age of pirates You will fight with warships, rob gold and trade loot to become the most dangerous pirate of the Caribbean! Play this special quest line for experience and loot.

This pirate is sent to prey, so Age of pirates give you the opportunity to collect treasure maps and hunt for real treasures! Captain Blackbeard tried to find some of them and was unsuccessful!

But don't lift your colors too quickly, buddies. Other pirates are bait. Protecting your waters and settling against rival ships is just as important as expanding your precious territory. Next to this Age of pirates also has a dynamic weather system that can give you a hell of a storm! So beware of pirates or all is lost.

So climb aboard my pirate and sail on the smooth seas of the Caribbean! Turn up in the 18th century and discover 13 wonderful places such as Cuba, Nassau and many more!

Game features:
☠ 18 deadly pirate ships are available for navigation on hostile seas with!
☠ Collect 10 treasure cards and find special loot!
☠ Dynamic weather system that makes the battle much more difficult!
Upgrade and customize your ships to dominate the battles!
☠ Explore the 13 famous Caribbean islands of the Golden Age!
☠ Trade your loot on your own renewable pirate shelter!
☠ Go to amazing quests for useful treasures!


Version 2.6.5

Hello pirates,
We made some improvements and bug fixes!
Enjoy the new update.


  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. " "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.
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