SimCity BuildIt APK + MOD for Android – Is Here!

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Online game

Level10 / Max. Money / Cash / Keys / Fresh Card

WELCOME TO MAYOR! Build your own beautiful, bustling city in which your inhabitants will flourish. The bigger and harder your city becomes, the more your citizens need, and you yourself should make them happy. This is a completely new game SimCity – anew for mobile devices!

This application offers in-app purchases. You can disable in-app purchases using your device’s settings.

With countless buildings and vibrant 3D-quality graphics, this is the most realistic urban builder on mobile devices. Place buildings strategically, so that taxes flow and your city grows. Squeeze, scale and rotate 360 ​​degrees as you manage and expand your city on the go – both online and offline.

Create resources and build your horizon. Then share resources with friends and other cities. Follow boat orders and ship cargo from your airport. Build Tokyo-style neighborhoods and unlock exclusive buildings such as the Empire State Building and the Triumphal Arch. Expand along the beach marina, water park and more. Even unleash natural and not so natural disasters, like a UFO!

Solve real-life problems, such as traffic, fires and pollution. Provide services such as power stations and police stations to meet the needs of your citizens, and replenish your population with parks and education. Continue with large avenues and trams. Perform fun tasks to form your community.

See how your city comes alive – day and night!

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Mayor, Regions have become even better! Perform regional deliveries, as well as earn bonuses and regional offers during the game. You also can:

• Create regional hot spots, then improve and increase your epic points and population growth in this area.
• Create lush forests with palm trees and weeping willows
• Compete in the competition of mayors of the seasons: April 10

And we mentioned that the Regions are now epic? Assembly with epic on all maps. Thanks for playing!


Unlimited coins
Endless money

Mega Mod:

Unlimited coins
Endless money
Unlimited Golden Keys
You can play online
Player ID is not associated with another player.
This will create your own unique player ID.
All versions are supported.
You can update the game after applying this cheat.
All buildings are already built.
All Built Buildings – Omega Buildings
All buildings are fully renovated.
Over 2 million people
100 Happiness

Tune: original

  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. Enter the game.

Tune: modification

  1. Mod version, before starting be sure to turn off the Internet
  2. APK install it on your device.
  3. Enter the game.