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Naruto: Slagfest 1.0.0 (Full) Apk + Data for Android


Naruto: Slugfest is an officially licensed mobile game created under the leadership of Shueisha, Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. It is also the world's first open-world game 3DMMO, adapted from Naruto. Cinematic 3D-visualization, 100% restoration of Naruto’s world and new characters painted by official animators will force players to experience a classic story, return to the Village of Liszt and revive the will of fire, which never goes deep inside.

A wide selection of original ninjutsu can be freely selected according to the preferences of the players. The original combo system, which combines exciting action and great secret tricks, will bring players an unsurpassed ninja combat experience.
Go back to where the connection begins, and revive the enthusiasm. Play the game with your friends and fight intense battles!

Game features:

Fully restored plot under licensee’s supervision
The authentic world of Naruto was created using the technology of rendering the next-generation cartoons and the cinematic effects of light and shadow.
The classic plot has been restored to allow players to grow with Detachment 7. In addition, elements like day and night and weather changes were added to the game, which allows players to experience the real world of Naruto.

Freely immerse yourself in the world of Naruto with a unique sandbox
The original gameplay Naruto allows players to freely explore the game world and experience various interactive events in real time. Players can also determine how the story will evolve according to their preferences and experience different endings.

Free yourself and customize your own character
New ninjutsu and skills are ready to create! As long as the players acquire the appropriate skills, they can own different ninjutsu. In addition, players can also customize the hairstyle and clothes of their characters. Match freely and create your best ninja!

Break the wall of measurements with different gameplay
Various quests, gameplay and modes will never give players a boring moment in the game: from simple and amazing single quests to challenging trials, during which players' actions and ninja 1 on 1 competitions, opposition teams and guilds are tested.

Friends make who you are!
Guild, master student, team quests, multiplayer instances and other gameplay may let you know more ninja partners. In the world of Naruto, friends are the most important. Invite your friends and enjoy the young people in Naruto: Slugfest!


Recommended OS
Android 4.1 or later

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