Smultron 11 - Text editor v11.2

Smultron 11 – a text editor v11.2

Smultron 11 - text editor
Smultron 11 - text editor


Smultron is a text editor for all of us.

Smultron is powerful and confident without being complicated. Its elegance and simplicity help everyone to be creative, to write and edit all sorts of texts.

Use Smultron to record everything from a web page, script, to-do list, novel, to the whole application.

Smultron is designed for both beginners and experts. This is a joy to use, and it has all the necessary text tools. And everyone can use it, because it is translated into many languages ​​and has full accessibility support.

Here's what's new in Smultron 11:
• Single window design – see all documents in the sidebar
• Columns – sorting, swapping and deleting tabular data
• Language – see which words are nouns and verbs, etc. (Not for all languages ​​and only in 10.14)
• Focus – focus on the text, without being distracted
• Improved dark mode (dark mode is available only in 10.14)
• Split window
• Faster
• Improved advanced search, hexadecimal look and color highlighting.
• New syntax support: Crystal, Quanty, Rebol
• Many other minor improvements and fixes.