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Check out Snipper, the built-in snippet manager created exclusively for Swift4 for MacOS. His goal is to become the only tool for saving your daily work notes, code snippets and just a good helper in the life of a developer.

*** Main characteristics ***

* editor with syntax highlighting
* multiple programming languages ​​supported
* markdown support
* different types of storage
* light and dark themes included
* import your snippets from files

*** Storage ***

Snipper is designed to support multiple repositories, and the supported storage types will be expanded in future versions.

V1 provides two types of storage:

* Local storage
* iCloud storage

Local storage is designed to store your fragments only locally.

Thanks to iCloud storage, your fragments will be stored in the cloud under your Apple ID, and this will synchronize user data between multiple applications on different computers. This is very convenient when you want to share your fragments between the worker and your own at the same time.

ICloud storage uses a private database. Only a user can access this data through a device authenticated with his iCloud account.

Snipper is designed and implemented as the first stand-alone application, so when working with it, iCloud storage does not require a permanent connection to the Internet.

*** Editor ***

The editor is designed to meet the needs of the developer.

In addition to syntax highlighting and full markdown support in preview mode, it provides the following features:

* Display invisible characters
* Display line numbers
* Customize tab size
* Insert spaces instead of tabs
* Font setting

I hope you enjoy Snipper, and it will help you be more productive and organized.

Any feedback is much appreciated 🙂