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, Attention, defenders! Evil aliens are heading for your space ship – hurry, destroy them and protect your planet! Download Space Defense – Shooting Game for free and do not let the evil space invaders destroy your planet with this extremely addictive game! For all fans of tower defense and shooting games, here is a new pastime that will keep them occupied for many hours. Requirements: quick and agile fingers and determination to fight alien attacks!

Cluster A large cluster of enemies is attacking your planet in waves!
Tap the screen to shoot; slide into fire continuously.
➤ Seven different types of towers: kill the boss and open the tower.
Grade upgrade your weapons by collecting coins.
➤ Enter survival mode and try to remain the last survivor.
➤ defend two planets, get various interesting achievements and erase space invaders from your planet.
Space Defense – Shooting Game – one of the best arcade games for kids!

Do you like free defense or “shooters,” including alien invasion, towers, space? If so, get a free Space Defense – Shooting Game for your mobile phone, have fun fighting evil aliens and protect your planet. They are strong, numerous and persistent. However, this great arcade game offers you to upgrade your weapons and prove that you are invincible. Use them to keep your enemies away and remember: you can be the last defender of the planet.

Get a space defense, a quick game with shooting, and be the first to save your planet from alien attacks. They send their rockets and spaceships, but they are not indestructible. You can improve your skills and weapons to fight back and resist their attacks. Choose Energy Blast to get a focused burst of energy! Choose Swift Shooter to increase your shooting speed! Hold them both to activate Mayhem, the most powerful weapon of mass destruction, and shoot all extraterrestrial enemies. Collect coins to use other weapon upgrades and improve your defense skills:

E.M.P. – An energy blast can stun enemies;
Salvo – activates the backup tower;
Salvo Time – increases the duration of Salvo;
Barrier – increases the capacity of the shield;
Battery – increases the barrier capacity;
Surgeon – Critical damage chance;
Shock is a chance to stun an enemy;
Intense Shooter – increases the damage from laser bullets;
Scatter – turret makes several shots.

If you are a passionate player in TD Tower Games, you will love this amazing game for boys and girls! Its exciting gameplay and amazing graphics will entertain you for hours! This great space shooter is full of action games, download it right now and destroy the evil aliens from your orbit!

Defeat all enemies and put an end to this terrible space war! Become the last defender of your galaxy and do the impossible – win this star battle against a much larger army of angry aliens! Just pick your gun and help the brave alien save your planet!

Get powerful upgrades for your weapons and destroy enemy spaceships approaching your orbit! This exciting shooter is great fun for the whole family! If you like to play tower defense games, this will be your favorite game! This shooter is filled with cosmic actions, shooting, and it is so delaying that you will not stop playing it for hours! Be the last defender in the galaxy and save your planet in this amazing defensive game!

Get this very exciting free “protection game” that will never stop entertaining you. The perfect shooting game for kids and adults! If you like to play defensive games or alien games, you will love this Space Defender. Have fun and enjoy the game! Hurry up, space invaders are coming! Download this invasion game right now and protect the planet! This innovative application for Android TM is absolutely free and fun to play! Hope you enjoy our app!
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