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Browser Companion For PC Free Download

Sputnik Browser is a new Russian browser from Rostelecom. In the Browser Sputnik for Windows 7, 8, 10 is based on the engine Chromium. The presence of such a powerful engine will provide you with fast and safe surfing on the Internet. The main task of the browser is to filter out malicious content and block the ubiquitous advertisement. But, you might think, all browsers perform similar functions. What is the difference between Browser and Satellite? The answer is simple – the Satellite offers a number of very useful functions. The first function is “advertising divide” – it blocks all types of advertising on the sites you visit.

Sputnik Browser For PC Free download The second function is “Sputnik Browser” – a module that is responsible for your security, searching for various dangers in the network and promptly informing the user about it. In addition, there are search filters in the browser, configuring which, you can improve the protection level of your computer. Considering that more and more children and teenagers are sitting on the Internet, in the Sputnik Browser for Windows 7, 8, 10, you can set the Children’s Mode. Having configured it, you can not worry that your children will visit sites with unwanted content. Stardock Start 8 Download For Start Menus 2017 To switch to the Child mode, the browser sets the password that you must enter to enter or exit the mode.

The main features of the Sputnik Browser for Windows 7, 8, 10:

The function of the advertising divider – the blocker of advertising content; Function Stalker – protection from malicious software; Customizable search filters; Support for the Children’s regime; New tab interface in the style of Windows 8 with useful links; Support for extensions compatible with the browser from Google.

Sputnik Browser For PC Free download The Satellite browser on the computer has a simple and intuitive interface. The new tab is made in the style of Windows 8 – it is a set of tiles in which you can find out information about weather, news, exchange rates and programs. There are separate tiles, after which you will go to useful sites, such as reference sites from Sputnik. Browser Satellite is very similar to Google Chrome and supports extensions that are compatible with Google’s browsers. You can always download Sputnik Browser Ghdownload.cm from the official website without registering and SMS.

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