Subway Surfers (Subway Surf) for Android is a game from the runner genre. A cheerful and cheerful boy named Jake depicts the dullness of the railroad tracks in bright and saturated colors, creating a masterpiece of street sketches. However, it was not at all appreciated by the police. And the hero must take the foot that has the power to chase the police and the dog. The road is not easy, because you have to jump over rails and trains, pass obstacles on the right and left, and glide along the power lines on a moving train. A lot of danger, and the main thing is breathing behind – chasing a policeman! But it's not too bad. Run along the way, you can collect various bonuses, as well as coins, which you can then use fairly to enhance your image, namely skateboarding, jetpack, and other attributes of clothing and equipment that will be very helpful in overcoming obstacles and hazards! Good luck in your pursuit and remember – reaction and dexterity – this is your main trump card!