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Stick Z: Super Fight Mod

Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight is the best action movie of 2019 on Google Play.
In this game you will play in Stickman Z to fight with huge bosses, dragons, the most dangerous enemy in the universe. At each level, your enemies will improve their strength, which makes the game challenging and exciting, and also not so easy to defeat.

It can be one or even several enemies at the same time for you to defeat. Super Stickman Z, on the other hand, has a completely different power level that you can choose to upgrade.
I bet you'll love this exciting game right away.

Collect coins at each passed level and use them to get the strongest warriors in the team.

******************** FEATURES ********************

• Easy to play game and easy to control.

• 20 Super Stick levels with stunning graphics.

• 50+ bosses with 100+ skills.

• Many problems at every level

• Lots of characters to collect and update.

Download the game for free on Google Play now!

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