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Syncovery Pro Enterprise provides you with an intuitive application designed to back up important files and folders and perform synchronization between various devices. With increased speed, real-time synchronization capabilities and scheduling tools, it can guarantee the security of your data at any time.

Ease of use is one of the advantages of the application, and the interface is no exception. In addition, “Wizard Mode” can help novice users to go through all the necessary steps to run a backup or synchronization task, and “Advanced Mode” is intended for professional users.

You can create multiple backup profiles, configure and work with them separately. There are several synchronization modes. Selecting the “Standard Copy” method means that Syncovery performs only copy operations without deleting any files. The SmartTracking mode can be used to perform two-way synchronization, and the Extract Mirror mode creates an exact copy of the original folder.

Syncovery comes with scheduling capabilities that allow you to start backing up and synchronizing data at a convenient time, after shutting down or logging out. The scheduler can run multiple tasks at the same time, and can also work as a service. During the backup or synchronization process, moved files are automatically detected, and the shadow volume service is used to copy blocked files (used by other applications) without compromising the integrity of the files.

File versioning allows you to store older versions of a file in a backup, and the Block Level Copy feature allows you to perform differential and incremental backups to speed up the process.

Syncovery supports compression and file encryption and allows you to set the maximum number of simultaneous tasks and profiles for each process, the maximum amount of memory used, as well as change the priority of the stream and set speed limits. Recovery Wizard can help you decrypt backups and get files.

Support for FTP, SSH, WebDAV, SSL, Amazon S3, Azure, Google Docs, and HTTP, outdated file management options, action logging, real-time notifications, and email are other benefits of this application.

Finally, Syncovery comes with a complete set of tools for fast and secure backup of files and folders, as well as to synchronize data between computers, servers and online storage applications.

Features Syncovery Full Download

• Synchronizes files and completes folder structures in various places, such as PCs and laptops. 64-bit I / O provides support for files larger than 4 GB.
• Save full sets of parameter settings as profiles with instant access to all saved settings. You can even run multiple profiles with one command.
• Detection of moved files. If you reorganized your folders by moving files to different places, Super Flexible File Synchronizer will detect this and quickly perform the same actions, for example, on your laptop. No extraneous copying!
• with a scheduler. Schedule synchronization of your data on a backup hard drive at a convenient time every day or as often as you want.
• Smart and flexible. If some files cannot be copied due to the access of other software to these files, the synchronizer will continue to copy the remaining files, and then repeat all the locked files until all files have been successfully copied. You can specify a time limit for retrying. However, during the retry phase, the synchronizer uses only minimal CPU resources.
• Save multiple backup versions of each file (optional). This function does not overwrite backup files, but renames them until the selected number of different backup versions is reached. You can also specify where to put these older backup versions (in the same folder as the original version, or in its subfolder, or only in one subfolder for the full profile).
• Database aware. A special method prevents any data corruption when copying database files, including SQL server database files. The synchronizer will wait for copying until it has fully exclusive access to the file. During the copy process, the database server will not be able to work with the file. Thus, a prerequisite for using this software as a backup tool for database files is that they are sometimes not used (for example, at night).
• You can use the recycle bin for older versions of files that are overwritten. This is a rather unique feature because most programs will permanently replace old versions of a file. Using Super Flexible File Synchronizer, you can recover overwritten files if you select the appropriate options.
• Multiple file masks (inclusion and exclusion) File masks are processed transparently (and quickly!). Even if you specify redundant file masks, there will be no strange side effects.
• Select items in the base folder. Want to sync only some folders? No need for separate runs for each folder. Simply specify the base folder containing these folders, and then select "Only selected items from base folders …".
• Minimize downloads using outdated file folders. If you sometimes move obsolete files to a specially designated folder, this usually causes problems with traditional file synchronizers. They will copy obsolete files back from your laptop directly to the folders from which you moved them. Never again! If you use the Select Base Folder Items option described above, you can put a gray check mark next to each folder for obsolete files. These folders are then taken into account for moving files into them, but not for copying files. Thus, the synchronizer moves obsolete files on your laptop in the same way as you did on your PC before, but does not waste time copying all obsolete files between two computers.
• No more problems with daylight saving time. Since exact time differences of 1 hour can be ignored, if the file size is the same, you will no longer have problems if the file systems of the two computers are turned off for one hour. If this is true only for some files, good! The offset is ignored in a flexible way, rather than adding a fixed number to the clock on one side.
• Easy to resume disk full. You simply make more space and ask the software to continue copying. This can pause right in the middle of the file, until additional space becomes available.
• Auto mode. In this mode, questions are not asked. You can specify in advance which types of files can be overwritten.
• If you want to create accurate mirrors. If you wish, you can optionally create an exact mirror of your data, even if it means that some files are deleted or replaced by older files.

Title: Syncovery Pro Enterprise / Premium v8.20 Build 164
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License: Shareware
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OS: Windows

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