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Tactical Monsters: Rumble Arena is a globally featured RPG real-time strategy and step-by-step strategy on Google Play and repeatedly marked mobile app on various gaming news such as IGN, Pocket Gamer, Touch Arcade and Android Police

– the world famous game from Google Play
“Tactical monsters are a hex grid, a turn-based strategy game in which ghosts, ghouls, and everything between them are undermined at a fast pace.” – IGN
“It's just damn good.” If you spend some time assembling a deck, it's really worth it. [PVP] matches become intense. They last only a few minutes, but they feel very action-oriented, despite the fact that they are step-by-step. ” – Gameranx
““ … A turn-based bite-sized arena battle that can really drag you down. ” – Alpha Beta Gamer
– “I discovered that I first lose units, and then I break out battles.” – Gamesbeat
“As soon as the battle begins, you will have to anticipate every movement of the enemy using a serious strategy and effectively using the skills of your monsters that were hard-earned.” – Pocket Gamer
– "… in the Ractble Arena Tactical Monsters there is no shortage of content." – Touch Arcade
– "Top 10 Games" – Android and I
– "The 30 Best Visible Games" – Android Police

Looking for a new exciting adventure that requires your sly strategy and outsmarting tactics?

This RPG card game with real-time step-by-step graphics and turn-based games is suitable for all fanatics of war and battle strategy, for fans of board games (chess) and RPG games. Experience dynamic 3-5-minute strategic battles and bizarre gameplay in the world of Tactical Monsters, consisting of fantasy monsters of all ages and spaces. Whether you are competitive in real life or virtual reality, this is the best game for you!

Choose the perfect formation of tactical monsters and win the real-time epic multiplayer game in this final fantasy game. Outwit and destroy your opponents by strategically positioning your monster heroes before the battle and tactically controlling their actions in battle.

● Battle through various modes, such as:
● unlock numerous PVE stages to win all 3 stars;
● establish optimal defensive formations and layouts in Mine Defense;
● hone your tactics by visiting the Monster Academy;
● Duel real players in real-time PVP, to take their thrones and get the world treasure chest;
● Survive the guerrilla warfare mode (survival mode) to defeat the endless BOSSOV;
● collect, recruit and improve unique monsters:
● Produce many powerful hero cards from Frankie Frankenstein, to fantasy monsters such as Medusa and Griffin, to culturally established creatures such as Wukong and Mummy, to monsters you have never seen before, such as Bigfoot and Nobu – ghostly samurai ; Each of them has its own unique experience, work, and ridiculous destructive skills, such as the ultimate global “nuclear warhead” skill from Dr. Walter's Fur Machine;
● play with friends from all over the world
● Enter 1 for 1 matches with new friends around the world;
● Join an alliance with your clan comrades to share tactical strategy knowledge, exchange monster hero cards and exchange them;
● Build your own clan defenses to ward off enemy raiders and become the number 1 clan in the world!

● Network connection required.
● Tactical monsters: Rumble Arena can be downloaded and played for free, some items in the application can also be purchased for real money. Shopping in the application can be disabled through the settings of your device.

● email us at support@tacticalmonsters.com;
● Follow us on Facebook for news and updates: www.facebook.com/tacticalmonsters;
● Join our Discord channel to chat: https://discord.gg/XYHhgB4

* Get 500 FREE gems by joining our Discord group and entering your player ID in #newbies_free_gems.
* Tactical Monsters is fully developed, owned and operated by Camex Games.
* Camex Games in partnership with Lemix Games to bring your favorite characters from Monster Castle.


high attack, high blood volume, high defense, high bias


1.13.5 Happy St. Patrick's Day! Congratulations on the first of April!

– New Monster: Saint Patrick Leprechaun
– New Monster: Bozo Goat
– Minor adjustments have been made to the Mythic eSport mode.
– Added clan loyalty rewards! Leaving the clan, you get a period of cooling.
– Added rating of clan expeditions!