Tank raid online


Tank raid online

Tank Raid Online – PvP MOBA in real time on the Play Store!

Join your friends, plan your tactics and get ready for the intense real-time PvP battle! Unlock more than 20 fast-developing tanks with exclusive skills, get the best arsenal of weapons and bring your strategy into action in 4 different multiplayer game modes:

3v3 Galaxy Football: grab the crystal ball from the center of the map, holding and "shooting" at the target of the enemy team, fighting with them. A game of real football competitive style!

Mortal match team 3 for 3: Collect points for your team, destroying opponents, fight to absorb the maximum power of the galactic stone, which appears at the last minute of the battle. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins!

1v4 Solo Death-match: 5 players are fighting in a circular arena on the galaxy. Increase the damage of the tank and HP by 10% in the middle of the battle, owning the stone of the galaxy or stealing it from others. The player with the most kills wins.

1v4 Solo Survival: (Coming soon)

– More than 7 stunning arenas on the galaxy for all players, regardless of level
– Be as creative as you want, using your tactics: more than 20 tanks, each with a signature attack and unique skill, along with 15 cool weapons (and more).
– Solo in a battle with players around the world or playing with friends
– Upgrade your tanks and weapons to maximum levels
– Communicate and unite with other heroes-tanks using game chat.
– Cross-platform game: play on your phone or PC
– Free win: equal chances of winning and equal access to all elements in the game for all.
– Continuous update of game content every month
– The system of daily and weekly champions, where you compete only with other 20 people for juicy awards

Collect cards to upgrade your favorite tanks and skills. Compete for higher rankings in your country and world leaders. Play now and become the star of all galactic battles!

– Since you can share your victory in the game, we need permission for external storage, as shown below, accept:


Correct mistakes
Fix notifications switching
Improve gameplay

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