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There is only one way to climb to the top – play TEPPEN!
TEPPEN is an Ultimate Card Battle game in which the squads you command operate in real time, demonstrating dynamic actions with excessive attacks blowing up your screen.
With amazing graphics and advanced battle system, TEPPEN is a card game that puts an end to all other card games!
Lead the popular heroes (characters) from Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and other TV shows in the All-Star game from the best in Capcom!
◆ Introduction to the game ◆
◆ History
Capcom's eight iconic heroes were bound by fate, and they must fight in the Land of Illusions to find the truth. Go along with them in an inventive story mode that seamlessly combines the Capcom universes.

◆ game modes
Solo Play, where you can enjoy the story of each character.
Ranked matches (by comparison), where ratings are updated every month.
Grand Prix (Versus), where you can participate in elimination battles for a limited time.
… and much more!

◆ combat system
In the fast-paced battles of TEPPEN, you can take part in the struggle for your life, wherever you are, whenever you want, and not miss a single second.
Train yourself to act with killer cards, since you masterfully own Heroes, Unit Cards and Action Cards!

◆ battles
Stun your opponent with Hero Arts (Special Moves) and gain control of the battlefield in real-time epic battles!
Use the active response (step-by-step battles) and keep your opponent on their toes!

◆ Game Features ◆
◆ Dream Team
Fight your favorite characters from a variety of legendary game series!

◆ quantity and quality
Not only are many of your favorite characters here, they all look amazing with attractive graphics and great animation!

◆ series of games and heroes
Street Fighter Series: Ryu, Chun-Lee
Series “Monster Hunter”: Ratalos, Nergigante
Mega Man X Series: X
Dark Hunters: Morrigan Ainsland
Devil May Cry Series: Dante
Resident Evil Series: Albert Wesker
More will be added later …

◆ take the world
Unlock heroes in story mode and then try them out in free games! When you are ready, fight other players around the world in ranking matches and fight for domination!

Application: free
Note: some game items will require a purchase. For the game requires an internet connection. Data transfer rates may apply.

Please read the user agreement before using the application.
By clicking the download button and downloading this application, you agree to the terms set out in the user agreement.


Error correction

Fixed issues:
– It is impossible to progress after using Hero Art.
– Animations of the map are displayed again if a network error occurs when purchasing the Core Card Pack.

Please note that if you update the application, you will not be able to view the combat replays of previous versions.
Teppen Ch. may also be temporarily unavailable.
Please keep the above in mind before updating.


  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "jp.gungho.teppenFolder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.