Textra SMS APK for Android

Let's face it, the standard Android messaging app really sucks! So, time to try something new, but it must be quite special, right? He is here, he is called Textra, and this is a very beautiful text message method.

Textra shows Candy Material Design look from google. Fluid, intuitive and amazing!

Number 1 ranked SMS / MMS application ★

It comes with a bunch of great features, in particular, more than 100 themes for the material / color of bubbles / application icons, dark mode, floating candy-like notifications, scheduled SMS and MMS, delayed sending (stop when sending), slide for deletion / call, fast snap camera, multi-image gallery selection, quick response pop-up window, improved MMS GROUP messages, 800+ emoticons, voice notes, SMS blocker / blacklist and automatic video compression.

Plus "oh so easy" default or for contact adjusting the color of bubbles, signatures and notifications (color of icons, color of LEDs, sound, user vibrations, privacy, reminders and mute).

Defence from Fear of the scene! Video messages may contain an exploit called Stagefright that could harm your phone. SMS textbook protects, ensuring that new video messages cannot automatically launch an exploit.

This is quite special; Try, tell your friends, shout from the treetops, but you will like it most of all!

Simply. Beautiful. Quickly.

P.S. work with Pushbullet and Android Wear for sms quick reply.

Textra is a very beautiful, feature-rich application for replacing SMS and MMS.]


✔ Fixed bugs and improved stability.

Textra SMS APK for Android