The Catapult 2 2.0.5 Apk + MOD (Unlimited Coins) for Android – Is Here!

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"Catapult 2" is a continuation of the popular game about the brave croupier, who with the help of a catapult at the top of the tower trying to protect his castle from destruction by the army of the enemy croupier.

Now our warrior man has new weapons and a large number of means of protection. In addition to the catapult, you can crush the ballista attackers and destroy them with accurate cannon shots. Throw stones, cannonballs, bombs, arrows and magic shells at opponents. Skills added to the new version of the game "Catapult." Now you can hit opponents not only with a volley of cannonballs, but also with a lightning strike.

The game saved a simple intuitive control. Tap the screen and pull to charge the catapult and select the tension force. Release to launch the projectile into the enemy and smash it!

It becomes more difficult to defend oneself because there are more opponents In addition to the classic infinite mode, a campaign of 120 levels was added to the game, in which our hero will now fight not only with the sticks on the catapults, but also with artillery, siege towers, siege rams and huge combat mechanisms capable of walking. blow up the castle from one volley of their powerful guns.

In order to fight off enemy warriors and withstand a siege, constantly update and increase your castle. You can upgrade the towers by adding slots with archers or cannons that will cause more damage to the enemy. You can also improve the defense by placing barricades in front of the castle or mines to stop the enemy. New equipment and armor added to make your hero stickman stronger.

The game has a two-player mode. You can play duels with friends without the Internet on one screen.

Multiplayer available! Now you can play online with other players and win PvP battles!

Download the second part of the popular free game "Catapult."

We are actively working on updates, so we are waiting for your wishes and comments on the game.

Have a nice game!!


Update: 2.0.5:
– added multiplayer mode (PvP, multiplayer);
– added a new season;
– Added 30 new levels (total 120);
– Added 12 special levels;
– added new enemies;
– Added new products to the store;
– added starter packs;
– improved interface;
– fixed bugs.