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《OGN G-Rank Challenge Seoul Awards Winner》
《Made with Unity Korea Awards ’18 Best Student Student
《GIGDC 2018 Best University Student, Bronze》
《Ie ie 8 Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards Awards 2013

Subject 002 volunteers for a mysterious experiment.
There, subject 002 begins to solve riddles of Viewport, which require exceptional spatial abilities.
Have fun discovering the mystery and discovering the shocking truth of the experiment!

Introducing Viewport

· Viewscreen puzzle
A completely new type of puzzle inspired by the Viewport feature in 3D software.
The goal is to present three different points of view of a given three-dimensional object, viewed from above, left, and front.
You will have to use your spatial abilities to the full.

The game begins with a simple question: “What would this 3D object look like when viewed from a certain angle?”, Then you go to the next question “How can I pull it out?”.
Once you get used to the rules, Viewport will offer new features that will provide new gaming opportunities.

· Mysterious plot
You, subject 002, are participating in an unknown experiment.
You wake up and find yourself in an experiment, but you do not remember what the purpose of this experiment is, who is responsible for conducting it, and not even your personality.

All you can do is solve the puzzles you have been given and read the messages that the experiment superintendent displays on the screen in front of you.

Everything seemed smooth, until one day you received a mysterious message from an unknown person.
Every midnight, this unknown person sends new messages that lead you to the hidden truth.

· Diverse levels
The viewport consists of 50+ unique stage levels with random events that will attract your attention.


· Image Effects
Viewport makes best use of various image effects.
Therefore, devices with relatively low performance are subject to problems with delay or overheating.
In this case, it is recommended to turn off SFX (select the SFX Off option in the settings).

· Saving game data
The preview window will automatically save progress.
Connecting to the Internet will automatically save the progress of the game in the cloud.
When you log in to a game from another device, but use the same Google account, you can upload your previous progress to a new device.
Your progress will be sent to the cloud through official Google plugins,
and DimArea Games will never collect personal information for any use.

· Google Play Login / Logout
When launching the application, the Viewport will try to log in with a Google Play account.
If you want to log out for reasons such as changing accounts, press the “Back” button on your device when you are in the main menu to completely exit the game.
Synchronization of the game with a new account may take some time when you first log into the system.



Emphasis was placed on multilingual support and user interface improvements.

[Multilingual Support]
– Added support for English (supported languages: English, Korean)
– Added language selection panel

[UI Improvements]
– Support notch and hole punch
– Reduced transparency of the guide grid in the main viewport
– Improved main scene interface
– Improved interface on tablet device
– Removed Noto Sans Mono font
– Minor improvements

[Bug Fix]
– Solved the problem that the prompt was invisible at stage 2 of day 5