Suburra: game


Suburra: game

*** Episode 6: "False" is now available ***

*** Episode 7: "Success" is now available ***

Suburra, the end of the seventh episode: the new clan, consisting of Aureliano, Lele and Spadino, managed to seize the most popular territories in Ostia, despite the fact that both the most powerful clans of Rome and the Vatican are fighting for control over them. There is a new chance for conspiracies and crimes and for enrichment: the mysterious portfolio was stolen from the eminent archbishop.

This is the beginning of Suburra the Game: the guys offer to return it if they can keep the money, in addition to the favorable commission, when the work is done.

This will lead to the descent into the darkest corners of the Eternal City, battles with other criminals, almost impossible exits from dangerous situations, the need to obtain as much information and clues as possible. The three main characters will soon discover that the briefcase was stolen from the opponent's boss, Sppanos. The portfolio is now in the hands of Yuri Slavyansky, and he demands a ransom.

Using all possible means, Aureliano, Lele and Spadino seize Yuri Slav and the personal telephone of boss Sappanos, which contains text indicating the place of exchange. The boys prepare an ambush, and after a fierce exchange of fire with Sopanos, the briefcase ends up in their hands. They contain incriminating materials and reasonable information from the bishop. Blackmail is the most effective way to get something in Suburra, what will our heroes decide?

Suburra is an adventure game. At the beginning of each level you are allowed to choose which character to imitate: Aureliano, Lele and Spadino. Then you will participate in missions, interacting with other characters and collecting objects and information. However, it will take more to complete the game. At the end of each level, the player will have to make a choice that will determine his survival: he must choose between his personal ambitions and his team, sharing or not information and objects with his comrades.

Too much on the side will lead to defeat. Therefore, the player’s task is to find the right balance between these two views. Only then will it be possible to finish the game and win.

Playing in AR mode will make the gameplay even more exciting. In this game mode, the player can view, collect and exchange some clues and items in the game. You can also hide everything you don’t want to share with your teammates at your base. Items will always be available to the player who at any time can get them from the base. Nerdo Studio oversaw the graphic design of the game, which is distinguished by its sophisticated and authorial style. The goal is to present the dark side of Rome in a completely original way, through eleven suggestive and intriguing places.


Episode 6: “False” is now AVAILABLE
Episode 7: "Success" is now available


  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "com.cattleya.suburra.paidFolder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.
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