Eyes is a horror game



Eyes is a horror game

There is a serious danger in the form of the ancient ghostly ghost of Charlie and the bloodthirsty, monster craving for revenge Beauty with a creepy, bizarre look (more ghosts and monsters in front).

Explore and plunder the eerie abandoned mansion, the eerie old hospital and other scary places.

Use unique location features to your advantage – use the mystical powers of the eye runes to get an idea of ​​the monster's perverted mind, drink pharmacy potions to get temporary improvements, refer to the hand-drawn map to plan your risk taking.

Experience the deep, dark atmosphere of horror and horror with disturbing ambient music and bizarre, unearthly ghostly voices and sounds.

Compete with other players in a complex endless mode, get numerous achievements and take the first places in the world leaderboards.


* History and magazine for Good Boy
* Multiple performance changes
* Several bug fixes

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