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Last outpost

The enemies invaded your homeland, and they are trying to take away from you what rightfully belongs to you. You are a soldier at the last checkpoint. This is the last frontier restraining the hordes of bloodthirsty mercenaries and murderers. Do not let your enemy win!

Need more strength and weapons? No problems! With each level you will have the opportunity to improve their weapons and develop a real survival strategy. During the attack against the assassin you will be protected by protection, which opens with each new level. Do not want to waste time – earn coins and already buy armor, spikes, blocks and even weapons.

The Last Outpost game features
– Violent tempo and cheerful music excite from the first level of the game.
– Get presents every day! In addition, stay active for 5 days and get new benefits and opportunities for the game.
– You have exactly 6 charges to kill those who crossed the border. Can not wait? Watch the video, get a diet and continue the game.
– Join the game with friends on social networks and get 100 free coins.
This is a real war of survival! Available absolutely free.

And remember! Assassin everywhere, they fall to the ground, killers flock from the sky – shoot quickly and accurately and survive in this difficult battle! Death to those who attack the frontier of your land!

The game also has additional purchases in applications for players who want to expand their capabilities:
– Double your own winnings.
– Receive three times more gifts during the game.
– Reborn and continue if you were killed.
– Recover your energy.
– Open up new weapons and defenses sooner than expected by the game.

Looking forward to the update? The developers are already working on new levels of the game. It will be a real zombie apocalypse. Trying to survive and defeat the enemies will be even harder – from the dead they will turn into bloodthirsty zombies.
Keep the troops of those who crossed the border of your country, and do not allow them to capture the outpost.

Postscript We would also like to thank the developers of the game about swamps and crocodiles (we cannot name them or the name of the game due to the conditions of Google Play) for the inspiration.

Download The Last Outpost for free – complete levels, develop survival skills, build a winning strategy and join thousands of players around the world, kill intruders and survive!


From your feedback, we noticed a desire to get more energy and even more pleasure from the game.
So, let's go: now they help you in the most difficult moments of the game. In the new version your energy will be restored!
All you need to do is to complete 4 levels of the game and overcome all obstacles. But do not stop and do not be disappointed in the game.
Waiting for your feedback!

Last outpost