Beat Balls: The magic loop Android thumb


Beat Balls: Magic Loop Mod

Make a ball, start a cycle, create a rhythm.

Stick to the beat while playing Beat Balls: The Magic Loop – a game of balls and an endless loop of tunes.

Each press creates a ball, a ball running in a circle creates a blow. Choose the wrong time and the balls will be in disarray. But if you understand this correctly, loops and rhythms will create a rhythm; complete, joyful and satisfying melody that will help you relax your mind and calm your soul.

Simple touch control, easy to play.
Numerous songs for every taste.
Futuristic graphics and effect that will create a new experience.
70+ challenging levels to satisfy your cryptic needs.
Different skin for your loop balls.

So just tap to create a ball, and let the rhythm be your guide.

Beat Balls: Magic Loop Apk