Added translation of actions / conditions, partial status and cards for several devices.(Thank you very much Alex Kvazis for data collected!). Some translation edits and interface layout;

– To simplify further translations, all data from the cloud is requested with English localization; plugins are also told to use English. (because some of them use default Chinese in the absence of the requested locale). The difference from the forum version is that I do not replace the English localization in Russian (which will give a similar visual effect to the one above), because both languages ​​are still available.

  1. UPD: Since more and more plug-in-translated by manufacturers are starting to appear (even though you can't see the majority without tears), the need to use English localization (see update from 14/01/18) is now reported only to plugins whose default language is language China. That is all Normal plugins will try to use the selected localization in the system, and a list of "especially talented" ones will be forced to use English. (because it's not difficult to guess, there are still no Russians in it);

– Added the ability to collect various string data (status / actions / notifications and tokens) to files on the memory card for further translation (details in the article);

Change the location of plug-in storage for the possibility of manual replacement without root. The solution is different from the one presented on the forum in that it uses not the root of the external drive, but the standard application folder on the external drive, namely "/sdcard / Android / data / com.xiaomi.smarthome / files ". This location allows you to delete the plugin folder automatically when the application is uninstalled (which I think is correct);

Restores the ability to deactivate own scripts. I think that manufacturers are struggling to deal with the curve of cyclic compliance conditions, and enough to turn off this feature (although at the expense of flexibility). Use wisely and carefully;

Deleted useless at latitude and our eyes hurt weather conditions in China;

Most Chinese interface elements are disabled. (shop, suggested scene, voice control, consumables, etc.), ie this application will look as if the area is different from mainland China. Quickly checked, as basic functions are not damaged, but requires "forced inspection." Waiting for results in comments, if someone needs them at all;

Voice control buttons and news banners are disabled in settings.;

Disable ads and push notifications with them;

A new login page that is disabled based on telephone number, by default, regular authorization via Mi-account is open;

– Added cloud and local color separation scenarios: in the list of scenarios (except the list of children's devices) cloud names will be displayed in dark blue;

– Added mapping device tokens on network propertiestoo ID script mapping (us_id) on the property. Device tokens, script IDs, and user IDs can be copied to the clipboard with a long tap.