The Walking Dead No Man's Land download (Mod: heavy damage) on Android – Is Here!

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Added DateJuly, 2019

The Walking Dead No Man's Land – this planet is not a planet that we know at all. In one scientific laboratory there is a release of a dangerous virus, which in a few days absorbs all life on the planet. This virus kills people, but not until the end … People start to become the most dead people alive! Games don't usually start. Your team, which initially consists of two men and a woman, will be locked in one of the containers at the factory. But suddenly the container pushes something and the doors open, but no one is ready for what is waiting for you in front. The whole area is filled with zombies – past workers from this factory. After you get out, you find one person who saved one of the lives of heroes, and leads to a camp where the most interesting starts …

Game features:

  • The ability to renew and improve infantry weapons
  • The possibility of choosing who will stay alive and who will not …
  • Daily prizes