Three Defenders 2 – Ranger 1.3.8 Apk + Mod for Android – Is Here!

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Three Defenders 2 – Ranger This is an action, castle defense game. Play as a ranger and defend the village from the hordes of evil creatures. Buy and upgrade new weapons with various special effects to increase damage. Acquire and improve various skills to progress further in the game. Explore the Ranger story and explore different worlds. On your way you will meet different types of monsters and boss battles.

– 3D Fantasy, thriller, game to protect the castle
– Play as Ranger
– 5 different worlds
– Over 150 levels to complete
– Over 25 different weapons for purchase and upgrades.
– Over 35 different skills to buy and upgrade
– boss battles
– Story

“Agorai, brother of the Order of the Golden Rangers, during your Main Test of the Power of Darkness, overcame your mind. The desire for power and control has poisoned your noble heart. According to the law of our Order, death awaited you. But your Mother cried and stood behind you. She agreed with us about your fate. You have been immersed in deep sleep. Many centuries have passed. Many sources gave life to flowers and birds, and many winters brought peace and death. Now your time of atonement has come. “Wake up … Wake up … Wake up, my beloved, from sleep,” your Mother whispers in your ear. Now. it is your time to pay debts, your time to wash your soul from sins. You don't remember anything, but that was the goal …