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Put in order 5.1.1
Find duplicate files and tidy your hard drive.



Remove utility to search for duplicates and disk cleanup for advanced users. This is the only full-featured duplicate removal tool available on the market that allows you to effectively clean your computer from unnecessary drives.

  • With Tidy Up, you can search for duplicate files and packages by owner, content, type, creator, extension, modified time, creation time, name, label, visibility, and date / age. You can also search by tag, duration and frequency of attachment of MP3 and AAC audio files and EXIF ​​metadata; Search for content in the databases of photos, iPhoto, Aperture, iTunes, iPod, and mailboxes; and sync deletes with iPhoto, Mail and iTunes.
  • Tidy Up comes with two search modes. Basic mode includes more than 90 predefined searches. For an individual strategy, you can choose the Strategy Wizard, which, based on your choice, creates the appropriate criteria for finding duplicates.
  • Tidy Up has a built-in security system that ensures that you save at least one duplicate group file on your disk, the ability to cancel copied and moved items, and the ability to recover discarded items before the garbage is cleared, even after rebooting the computer.
  • Tidy Up offers a full-size preview of the most frequently used files, such as: audio, multimedia, text, PDF, graphics, fonts and much more … One of the most interesting features of Tidy Up is the ability to split, for quick and easy organization, the found elements using custom criteria through the Smart Recycle Bin. It also includes the ability to select items belonging to supported applications, a specific album, playlist or mailbox.
  • Tidy Up allows you to remove, move, replace moved or deleted items with aliases or symbolic links, write down, assign Finder color labels, and export all found items to HTML and text files. Tidy Up is fully customizable and allows you to create your preferred workspace.


  • Intel 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.8 or later

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