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Apk + Mod + Data for Android


To be greedy or not to be greedy, that is the question!

The special Roguelike RPG game is back, and this time YES, you can team up with friends to continue exploring the adventure!

The story of Greedy Cave 2 occurred after its predecessor, and the emergence of the Gate of Time again linked the fate of people. In this game, you will play the role of an adventurer and enter a mysterious dungeon to fight against different monsters and get powerful equipment. Invite your friends, form a team to jointly explore, solve the mystery of the Gate of Time and share precious treasures!

Game features:
– Cthulhu’s eerie, stylish and weird art style brings a variety and exciting gaming experience.
– Totally randomly generated dungeons and lots! New trips every time!
– Well thought out BOSS with different skills are waiting for your test!
– Different weapons activates different skill trees, your combat strategy depends on you!
– 300+ gears that need to be assembled will make you the coolest dungeon!
– Unite with other players to explore in real time, recruit and create your own guild!

Look in the historical records for all the national libraries of the Sotot continent, if you can, but there are only a few documents with records of the disaster that historians called the first gold rush.
The story began in a cave, full of magic, and the random discovery of treasure hidden in it. Adventurers came in herds with their goals. This unprecedented adventure rush directly led to the prosperity of some kingdoms, while others dried up and died, leading to a change in the geopolitical landscape of the world.
However, it was too late when people found out the truth. When the plot was revealed, the army of demons had already descended into the kingdom, the gods were furious; and heaven and earth have lost their colors. The war quickly spread to all corners of the earth, no one has bypassed. People were as helpless as the dust carried by the flames of war. The houses were destroyed; destroyed civilizations, the world took on unprecedented heavy losses, since in the end only a few survivors remained. This disaster lasted for many years, until people almost forgot the name of this continent – Milton.
This story easily reminds people of what happened recently. Thousands of years later, in Basatan, the magical kingdom of worship surrounded by mountains, his sorcerers claimed that they had opened the door to another world through their research. A place where time is intertwined with a space where you can see not only images of the old world, but also a lot of strange creatures that people have never heard of before. However, as they said earlier, "the way to control this force has not yet been found, so you do not know where you will find yourself."
It is obvious that such minor problems could not stop the curiosity of people. As if the adventurers of different kingdoms gathered once again yesterday, and the second “gold rush” inevitably began …

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What's new:
1 Easter Egg Event Begins!
We hid Easter eggs throughout the game, try your luck and find them all!
2 New Easter Dungeon available!
3 special Easter achievements added
4 Three new sets of equipment are available in the dream world.
5 Forging system optimized.
Changes in how you get fake drawings.
6 Shackles of Dreams increases luck


  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "com.avalon.caveonline.global.googleplayFolder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.