You are looking for best city building games for Android? Well, you are in the right place. Android has a huge number of available games available on the Google Play store. Almost everyone can find a game according to their style of play and the genre of the game.

best city building games

The Play Store provides Android users with several types of games. ranging from shooters to racing games and more. One of the most popular categories of games available for Android devices is the best City Building Games. Such games are very interactive and quite fun to play.

Not only are they fairly easy to play and you don’t need to expert gaming skills to play similar games. But since this genre of games for Android is very popular, the Play Store is full of such games. I also shared the best anime apps.

10 best urban building games for Android

And finding the best City Building Android games to your taste may be a bit complicated, Therefore, today I am here with the 10 best urban building games for Android, along with their functions and other gaming options.

Not only that, but you can even find a link to download the latest version of these games. So, if you want to enjoy one of the best urban games right on your Android device, be sure to check out the next one.

one. SimCity BuildIt

Simcity most popular series of the best urban games available there. Although the original SimCity game was available for computers, they finally released a mobile version of this game.

best city games

SimCity BuildIt is a free urban Android game that is very similar to the computer version. Since this game is from such a large gaming franchise, it is very well developed in terms of its performance and graphicsNot only that, but the entire user interface in the game is also quite intuitive.

Talking about its main features concerning gamesThe whole game is quite fun to play. You will immediately get used to the game and be able to play it without any problems.

Although there are in-app purchases in this app, it will not cause any problems as long as you enjoy this urban planning game on your Android device. One of the best features of this game is camera Angles where the player can easily view the entire city with the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees.

And, by continuing to play this game on your Android device, you continue to discover new things. That means you will get a new one. refreshing experience every day playing SimCity BuildIt on your Android device. Also, check out these GBA Emulators.

2 Fall out shelter

Despite the fact that the original Fallout series is not a city game, the Android game Fallout franchise can be considered as one. Unlike many other best urban games for Android, Fallout Shelter has a portrait orientation.

best city games on android

This means that you can easily play this game on the go with one hand. In this game, players play with the Fallout wastelands. universe and build the perfect haven.

You have to manage all the shelter and ensure that all survived the game. Unfortunately, this game requires a working Internet from you. compound to enjoy this game on your Android device.

If you are familiar with the Fallout storyline on your computer, then you will get used to this game and its purpose.

Gamers can download and install this game on their Android devices for free from the Google Play store. But some of the features and capabilities of the game locked and require the purchase of items in the game.

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3 TheoTown

Many computer games have been successfully transferred to Android devices, which allows you to play very similar games. experience right on your mobile device. And one of the most popular urban games ever released was SimCity 2000.

city ​​building games for android

If you have played this game on your computer in the past, then you will surely enjoy playing TheoTown on your Android device. TheoTown is an Android game that is very similar to classical the name of the game in terms of its appearance and gameplay.

Although it is not the official gaming port from SimCity, it is very similar and you will feel at home playing it on your Android device. Whole Ui and the design of this game is inspired by the old name of the game.

And the cool part of this game is that unlike all the others Freemium games in the Google Play store, this game is absolutely free and does not contain purchases within the application.

In this case, you still need a working Internet connection to use it on your Android device. We also shared the iOS emulator for Android.

four. Citymania

Gameloft is one of the largest developers of games for mobile platforms, such as Android. He is known for his gaming titles, such as Modern A series of games Combat and Asphalt for Android devices. CityMania is a Gameloft game for City Building for Android devices.

build games for android

This game provides you with excellent graphics and optimum performance, as in any other game from Gameloft, Players get great handy controls that make it easy to play the game on a mobile device.

Not only that, but Gameloft even paid attention to the game. characters in the city you are building. As you progress in this game, you continue to discover new things when you level up.

Because of this, CityMania does not become repetitive, although it is just a game to create a city for Android devices. Although, you can continue a lot Faster in this game, if you end up buying items using the in-app purchase option.

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fiveThe Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of the most popular. cartoon TV shows in the United States. And almost everyone is familiar with his characters, whether they watch the series or not. In collaboration with EA, the Simpsons franchise released this city building game for Android devices.

city ​​building games

Despite the fact that the game has no plots from the original TV show, the whole game is based on the Simpsons universe. That means all characters, buildings, city map and everything else is based on the Springfield Simpsons.

How is this game designed Electronic Art, the whole game is quite easy to play. Not only that, but the graphics themselves look pretty good, although they are not in 3D.

In addition, the entire user interface pretty friendly, and you get used to it in no time. Unlike some other top city games, this game was developed for Android mobile devices.

This makes the whole game very easy. control and playYou can download The Simpsons: Tapped Out from the Google Play Store for free and start playing right now.

6 Family Guy: Looking for Things

This game, similar to the aforementioned Simpsons: Tapped Out, is based on another popular TV show called Family Guy. All characters, buildings and a very similar city are also represented in this game. map as seen on the show.

city ​​building games online

Although it is different from how the Simpsons play city building games, since you also get a small storyline in this urban building game. This shows the struggle between the famous character Peter Griffin and his main rival, the giant chicken.

In addition to creating and managing the entire Family Guy universe right on your Android device, this game also allows you to control everything. various characters

This means that you can play with all your favorite Family Guy characters right on your Android device. It also features some of the smoothest and cleanest. animations in the city building game.

This leads to a very interactive experience, although the game does not have 3D graphics. Also. Download anonymous chat apps.

7 Townsmen

Most urban games for Android devices mentioned in this article include the creation and management of modern cities. But Townsmen is one of the few urban games that take place in medieval time.

free city games

This means that instead of building large towers, you will play to create the largest empire. You can compare this gaming title with a very popular era Empires series. But Townsmen allows you to get a very similar gaming experience right on your Android device.

In addition, this game even has weather and seasonal effects that are not typical for Android games. Because of this, while continuing to play the game, you will experience the spring, monsoon, winters and more on your Android device.

Not only that, but in this game even day and night, which gives an excellent gaming experience. The coolest part of this game is that it does not require the Internet connection, which means that you can play this game on the go without any problems.

eight. Space City

As the name implies, Space City includes the creation of cities and the colonies which are based on the space age. The whole game has a futuristic space theme, and all the buildings in the game look pretty futuristic.

best city building games

All this is happening on an isolated planet, which is definitely not the planet Earth. You must take care of the inhabitants as well commerce on your space age planet, to make sure everyone lives on a happy file.

In addition to financial stability, you should also make sure that all residents in your city live a happy life. This requires you to create other things, such as parks, cinemas, tourist attractions and other related things in your space-age city.

You can have it futuristic playing urban buildings right on your Android phone is completely free by downloading and installing this game from the Google Play store.

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9. Megapolis

"Megapolis", which is also the "Editor's Pick" in the Google Play Store, is one of the most popular urban games for Android devices. This game has one of the most realistic graphics compared to any other game mentioned in this article.

best city building games

Not only that, but you can even easily view your city and its buildings in a 360-degree view using touch controls. Speaking of controls, the whole user interface Megapolis well thought out, and you immediately get used to the game.

There are several things you can keep in this game. opening as you continue in the game. For this reason, you will have a different experience when you enjoy this game on your Android device.

Only down side This game is that it has purchases inside the app to unlock different things, which means that you have to play a lot of this game to unlock all the things in the game without using any purchases inside the app. Also download PPSSPP games.

ten- little Big City 2.

If you use low end Android phone for games, then not all the best city games in the Play Store will work fine. But Littlel City 2 from Gameloft is a game designed specifically for gamers.

best city building games

Well, it has a download size of only 30 MB. For these reasons, if you want to quickly try out the city game on your device, then Little Big City 2 can be an excellent choice.

Some of you might think that this game might look pretty simple because it’s so little to size. But since this game was developed by Gameloft, it has very good looking graphics and user interface elements.

And this game can provide all of this without being resource intensive when you play on your low Android device. For all these reasons, this game editors Choice in the Google Play Store. You can download and install this game completely free of charge and immediately start enjoying the construction of the city.

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Well, I hope that you looked through the list of city games and you liked some of the above. ten Best city building games for Android.

If you think these games are cool, feel free to share them with your friends. If you want to suggest other games, then you can leave a comment below.