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Today I am back from 10 best ePub reader for windows 10/8/7. Electronic publishing (abbreviated EPUB) is a popular format for accessing, reading and editing e-books. In the meantime, there are special tablets designed to read books in ePub format.

best epub reader

This does not necessarily mean that you need to put thousands of rupees on a reading tablet to enjoy your favorite comic book or manga.

In fact, with the right application, reading them on your Windows device gives you a similar, if not the best reading experience. I also shared a WiFi analyzer for Windows.

Top 10 ePub Reader for Windows PCs

This article is intended to serve as a guide for owners of Windows devices who want to read books in ePub format. manga, comics or similar documents on their tablets, PCs or laptops.

Since there is no shortage of ePub Reader for Windows, each of which is different from the others, we have listed the top 10 ePub Readers that you can download for your device and enjoy reading your favorite books in digital form.

1- Caliber

Caliber is a device for reading electronic books, which has passed the test of time and has become one of the best solutions for reading electronic books available today. Caliber is a multifunctional application that allows you to not only read e-books, but also create them.

Caliber allows you to download ePubs with commendable simplify, manage metadata, transfer books between devices and convert reading materials from one format to another.

best epub reader

Caliber comes complete with & # 39; News & # 39; a feature that retrieves news and information from various websites and presents them as a book. You are not limited to ePubs, as Caliber allows users to read comics, magazines, manga and more!

Caliber is supported by the following Windows platforms: Windows 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 and 10. Click on this link to try Caliber Now!

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2- Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe has always been at the forefront of software development that aims to create and work with all types of content. Therefore, when it comes to reading ePub files, Adobe makes no exceptions.

This allows the application to resize images without losing dynamic definition, makes mathematical The equations are clear and allow users to read from right to left.

window epub reader

Adobe Digital Editions comes with the ability to rent or borrow books from your friends, as well as in public libraries, adds support for bookmarks, stressing storing notes and more. This best ePub reader app is supported by Windows 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 and 10. Also check out the best firewall for Windows.

If you are looking for a convenient way to read e-books, try Adobe Digital Editions by clicking on this link.

3- Corner

Nook – the world's largest bookseller Barnes and Nobles is an online book service and digital store that allows you not only to read books in ePub format, but also to buy them. Nook offers access to thousands of classics and synchronized them on all your devices.

The service provides users with a 14-day trial period for subscription, during which they can test any e-book, comic book or magazine they want, at the end of which they can buy the ones that interest them.

epub reader for window 10

Nook offers integrated themes, backgrounds, bookmarks and allows users to customize their reading experience with switching between fonts and line spacing parameters.

Supported in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, Nook can be downloaded from this link.

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4- Bibliography

Bibliovore – ePub reader and Microsoft Library Manager, includes Microsoft OneDrive provides cloud storage and online synchronization.

The power of the Biblemaster lies in his managerial and organizational skills. attributes allowing users with large libraries to easily manage books.

Epub reader for android

Some of the distinctive features of the Bibliography are personalized bookmarks, day and night reading modes, themed packages, extensive search options, font settings (type, color, size and space), organization of a book of several volumes in a series, and much more.

5- Frieda

Freda stands out among the rest of the best ePub readers on this list, depending on how much of the Windows built-in user interface it represents. It is also unique in that it supports HTML formatted documents, besides supporting TXT, FB2 and EPUB formats.

best epub reader

Bookmarks, annotations, selections, custom background colors, and fonts are some of the features that come with Freda. Text to Speech This is another feature that distinguishes Freda from reading analogues in ePub.

Supported by Windows 8.1 and 10, Freda comes in two versions: a free application for reading e-books with ads or a version without ads in the Microsoft app store.

6- Bookviser

Bookviser offers a unique interface that gives users the ability to read, similar to interacting with a physical book. The user interface gives the impression that you are flipping through through the pages of a real book instead of a digital ePub document.

epub reader

Public catalogs such as Smashwords Offer downloadable free classics using this ePub best reader. Tracking progress informs you about how many books you read.

Themes, dictionary support, adjustable brightness, transfer Support and highlighting notes – these are some of the features that come with the application. Bookviser is free and completely ad-free. Download it from this link.

7- Cobo

In addition to the Nook and Kindle, Kobo is the best Windows e-book reader program that offers the market with support for EPUB and EPUB 3. The usual functions, such as bookmarks, lights, themes and the progress tracker, are equipped with a reader.

epub reader for pc

What makes Kobo different from his contemporaries This is a store that allows users to browse more than 5 million e-books, comic books and classic materials synchronized on each device supporting Kobo. Platforms supporting Kobo are Windows 8.1 (ARM, x86, x64) and Windows 10.

If you want to have an extensive library of books and user-friendly user interface, download Kobo for free at this link.

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8- Cover

Cover was first of all designed to read comics on Windows devices, but since it supports the EPUB format, it has found its way into our list. The cover handles formats such as PDF, RAR, CB7, and much more more comfortably.

epub reader for windows 8

The free version allows you to store only a limited number of books that can be expanded by purchasing in the application. The application offers a view of one and two pages, day and night modes, as well as background color settings. His comic book support ensures he can handle Image of the rich the documents are very good. Check also the Android emulators for Windows.

If you like manga and comics, try Cover by downloading it for free from the Microsoft app store.

9- IceCream e-book reader

This ePub reader developed by Icecream applications is full plumage and a well-designed application for reading and editing e-books. Formats supported by IceCream eBook Reader: Mobi, FB2 and so on.

best epub reader

It has night mode, support for full-screen viewing, exceptional search capabilities, convenient page turning effects, progress tracking support and much more. The reader also has provisions for several languages.

The application comes in two versions – free with ads and a Pro version without ads for $ 19.95, both of which can be downloaded from this link.

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10- EPUBReader

EpubReader is a premium e-book reader that allows users to manage their local library, as well as retrieve books from online storages such as Project. Gutenberg and smashwords. It also provides smooth transfer of your entire library to an SD card or OneDrive.

best epub reader

The application offers full touchscreen support for Windows tablets and has customizable options when it comes to fonts and background themes. Progress tracking is nifty touch the already multifunctional reader. EpubReader is supported by Windows 7, Vista, 8 and 10. You can also download Xbox one emulator for Windows.

The reader costs $ 2.49 and can be purchased through this link.


Well, that's all for our list of ten best ePub reader for windows. You can choose from a list depending on your needs and preferences; There may be something for you.

Although we agree that traditional reading may have decreased slightly, digital books are on the rise. The ePub readers listed above serve as an incentive to take a digital copy of your favorite book and start reading!