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You are looking for best open source video editors for Windows, Android or any other OS? Well, you are in the right place. As streaming video platforms such as YouTube are becoming increasingly popular, many content creators appear.

And if you know anything about creature video, then you need to understand that having the right video editing software is very important. Unfortunately, most of the available options are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford them.

But even if you can find open source and free video editorsthey are all different from each other. Therefore, today we are here with 10 free best open source video editors for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.

In this article, I have provided some of the best open source video editors for all platforms. You will also find their main features and options in this article. So if you content Creator or want to become such, be sure to read this article to the end. I also shared the best city games.

10 best open source video editors for all platforms

Different content creators prefer using different platforms because of their functions and benefitsFor example, editing video on a mobile device, such as iOS or Android, allows editing on the go.

Similarly, editing in Windows means that you have a powerful computer with many options and functions. But not all video editing software available for these platforms is free. If you've ever bought a video editing tool in the past, then you should know how to expensive it may be.

So if you can't afford one, then you can always install the open source application on your device. Therefore, I have provided various open source video editors for each platform. And if you want to edit videos on your devices, be sure to check out the software below.

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Free Open Source Video Editors for Windows

one. Shotcut

Shotcut is one of the most popular open source video editors. It is available for Windows and MacOS absolutely free. This video editing software perfect for those YouTubers.

Since most novice YouTube users cannot afford to purchase expensive software for creature video. Fortunately, Shotcut is a great free alternative to all popular editing software.

You will find almost all the features in this editing software. Besides this, it also comes with professional user interface, which is very helpful when editing video. I also shared keylogger applications.

2 Avidemux

If you're new to video editing and want easy-to-use editing software, Avidemux can be a great option. Until you find any additional features in this programYou will find a great user interface.

Thanks to this, you can easily master video editing software using Avidemux. Not only that, but if you already know how to edit video, you want to install software to quickly create basic videos, this can be a great option. It also comes with built filters and effects that can be useful for making your videos look artistic.

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3 VideoLAN Movie Creator

VideoLAN Movie Creator is a great open source video editor. developed the same guys behind the VLC media player. And just like a VLC media player, even VideoLAN Movie Creator offers various functions and options.

But the best part of this video editor is support for various videos. formats and codecs. Thanks to this, you can edit almost any kind of video files in this video editor.

On the other hand, other video editors usually have problems importing video files. unpopular video formats. Speaking of its user interface, it is quite elegant and modern, thanks to which you will have a great time editing video in VideoLAN Movie Creator. Also check out anonymous chat apps.

Best open source video editors for MacOS

four. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is an open source video editing software for MacOS, which is almost as popular as video editing tools like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro and others.

This is due to the fact that DaVinci also has a paid version, which is used by professionals. But the free version of DaVinci Allow offers the same user interface and almost all the same features.

But some free features are missing in the free version. As they say, when you to consider the fact that this video editor is free is not expected in any way.

five. IMovie

If you just want to quickly edit videos for posting on social networks, iMovie is perfect for you. It allows users to quickly crop, merge, apply effects, add images, add songs and perform other functions no problem.

And since this application developed by Apple, the user interface is easy to use. If you've ever used Final Cut Pro on your Mac device, then you will feel that this user interface is very similar to this one.

Despite the fact that this is a simple and intuitive video editor, it also supports 4k video editing. For these reasons, iMovie is ideal for quickly creating high quality video for social networks.

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6 Openshot

OpenShot is great for use. heaped video editor for macOS. You can easily use this video editor to create short feature films on your Mac device.

OpenShot users will find all sorts of features and options in this open source video editor designed for Apple devices. But the best part of this video editor is that you can integrate other applications in it.

For example, you can use OpenShot with Blender to create animations in your existing video editing project. But if you are used to using modern and sophisticated user interface, you may feel that OpenShot is a bit old.

That being said, if you can get past Thanks to a simple user interface, you’ll have a great time editing videos on your Mac using OpenShot.

The best open source video editors for Android

7 Kinemaster

Although Kinemaster is a freemium application that essentially means you have to pay for some features, it’s still one of the best video editing apps. You can download it from Google Play.

If you have ever used a full-fledged video editor on your PC, then you will find many of these features right on your Android device. Many young YouTube users use this application to create videos for their channels,

And although this is a phone application, the user interface is very similar to the desktop. For these reasons, Kinemaster can be used as a great secondary video editor on your android device besides your computer solutions.

eight. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe is known for its solutions for creative professionals on various platforms. And they even make innovative apps for Android devices. You can find Adobe Premiere clip app in google play store.

Since this is an Adobe application, it has one of the most simple and easy-to-use user interfaces. This video editor is intended for users who want to quickly collect several video clips. This can be a very useful application if you continue to share videos on social networks through your Android device.

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The best open source video editors for iOS

9. splice

Splice is a great video editor available for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. It has an easy-to-use design with various user interface elements that easily are available.

You will also find various beneficial effects and transition in this iOS application. And you can use these effects with your video clips to create great videos. This is the perfect app for anyone new to video editing and looking to upload videos to YouTube.

In this application, you will also find some additional features and effects that can be very useful. In general, Splice is an application. perfect for both new and experienced users who want to edit videos on iOS.

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ten. Quik

Quik is a GoPro video editing application designed for action-camera users who want to quickly add effects on their clips to share them on social networks.

You will find a lot of fun to use effects and filters in this application. And you can easily apply them to your videos and share them. directly on Instagram.

In addition, you can also join or trim video along with transition effects. If you have a GoPro or any other action camera, then you should definitely Install this application on your device.

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Well, I hope you have found the perfect open source video editing software for your platform. If not, be sure to go 10 free best open source video editors For Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, mentioned in this article.

Was the article helpful to you? Which of these open source editors would you choose? Leave your valuable feedback in the comments below.