You are looking for best themes for GBWhatsApp attachment? Well, today I'm going to share the best GB Whatsapp themes for the most popular Whatsapp mod. Yes, GBWA is a mod version of WhatsApp. It offers various useful features and options for its users.

best themes for GBWhatsapp

You can find things like user privacy, media sharing mods, User interface editor and topics. GBWA themes are one of the most popular features because it allows you to customize WhatsApp in terms of its design.

And since most Android users try to make their phone of sorts using home startup programs, icon packs, system themes, etc., the use of this function in GBWhatsApp is bonus for all such Android users.

But if you have ever used GBWA on your Android device, then you should know that it comes with a download section for topics that have various options – because of this, finding an amazing looking topic for your WhatsApp experience is sometimes quite difficult.

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What are the topics of whatsapp GB?

For those of you who have not used this app or are not familiar with this mod version of WhatsApp, let's talk about the feature themes. Many Android applications, including GBWA, allow the user to modify and customize the user interface.

Although you can use the parameters of the user interface editor in the application to make it look unique, it can be quite painstakingOn the other hand, themes are fairly easy to download and install compared to the user interface editor.

Not only that, but they even give much better result in terms of the look and feel of your whatsapp after applying the theme.

Top 10 themes for GBWhatsApp

To solve your problem with the search for a topic, I am sharing 10 Top Themes for GBWhatsAppAnd in this article we will look at everything that makes these themes gorgeous.

Not only will you see how you can download and apply themes to WAGB, so if you like setting up your Android device, be sure to read this article to the end.

best GBWA topics

The topics section in GBMOD offers several options for topics to choose from. Almost all Topics very different from each other. And depending on what you are aiming for, you will like only a few of them.

While you can manually check in and check out each topic in the app, which can be quite time consuming. Therefore, I have provided the top ten themes for GBWhatsApp in this article. And if you want to set up your Android device, do not forget to review them in turn:

Remarks: You can also try other WhatsApp mods, such as YOWhatsapp, FMWhatsapp and Whatsapp plus for Android.

1. ASK-Reality_Grey2_GB

Theme Reality Gray 2 is one of the easiest. material Design themes are available there. If you have ever used Telegram, then when using this theme you will feel at home.

themes for gbwhatsapp

He just has a bluish-gray color scheme with no extra interface elements. Because of this, the theme of Reality Gray 2 is a great option for those who love minimalistic designs.

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2. Leideh_Wolf

As the name suggests, Leideh Wolf is a wolfish background theme that makes it pretty cool. Not only that, but this theme has a black base color, which makes it great for Android devices with AMOLED or OLED displays.

themes for whatsapp gb

It also has blue as accent along with a black background that matches the whole theme of the wolf.

3. Leideh_Fisherman_boat

Leideh Fisherman Boat is a great theme for GBWhatsApp, which is pretty cool for the eyes because of its blue color scheme.

gb whatsapp themes

It has a boat and a water background, which rather soothes the eyes. The whole theme has a blue background with black text on top, giving it a nice look. contrast,

4. Tartarugas_Anime

If you are a fan of ninja turtles, then you will surely enjoy this theme. This is an anime theme for GBWA, which has Ninja turtles as a background.

gbwhatsapp themes

Not only that, but the whole color. scheme This theme is green, which corresponds to the background.

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5. JayP_IronMan_gb196

As the name implies, this theme is based on Iron Man. In addition, the whole color scheme of this theme is black, which Matches Iron Man background.

gbwhatsapp best themes

Not only that, but it also means that it is a great choice for your Android device, if it has an AMOLED or OLED screen.

6. ASK-Reality_RedDark

Reality RedDark is one of the coolest themes available for GBWhatsApp. He has modern and smooth red and black colors.

best whatsapp gg themes

The whole theme is based on the design of materials, which makes the theme an excellent minimalist option. And since the background of this theme darkIt is quite easy to use at night.

7. JayP_Light_gb26

JayP Light is one of the best themes for light colors for GBWA. Thanks to its white and black color scheme, it is great for use. outdoors in bright places.

best themes for whatsapp gb

Not only that, but the whole design of this theme is pretty simple, and it makes use of whatsapp even Take it easy,

8. Guellitas_colors

If you want to download a colorful theme for your WAMOD, then Guellitas_colors can be a great choice. This is one of the most colorful themes available with a different user interface. changes,

best themes for gbwhatsapp

Although if you are looking for a minimalistic look for your Android device, then this topic may not be for you.

9. ASK-Reality_Dragon_GB

As the name implies, Reality Dragon is a theme for GB, which has a dragon background.

free gbwhatsapp themes

Not only that, but it even shows the correspondence of black and Orange Accent colors. In general, this topic looks pretty cool and at the same time simple.

10. Dark1

Dark1 is one of the oldest and simplest black threads are available on GBWA. This theme does not affect the user interface of your site as much.

best themes for gbwhatsapp

Instead, it focuses on the color scheme of your WhatsApp experience. And since it is very old Theme, it is preferred and used by many GBWA mod users on Android.

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How to download and install themes in GB WhatsApp?

If you have reviewed the top 10 themes for the GBWhatsApp mentioned above, and you liked one of them, it’s also important to know how to download and install them.

Fortunately, it allows you to do this on your Android device quite easily. Therefore, if you like any of the topics mentioned above in this article, you can follow the step-by-step instructions below and easily install this topic.

Step 1:

First, open the WhatsApp GB on your Android device and go to “GB Settings” from the three-point menu presented in upper right the angle of your screen.

best themes for gbwhatsapp

Step 2:

Here, find and open the Download themes option, which will download all available themes.

best themes for gbwhatsapp

Step 3:

After that use Search The option is present in the upper right corner of the screen to search for one of the top 10 topics mentioned above.

gbwhatsapp best themes

Step 4:

Finally, click the “Apply” button next to this theme to download, install and apply this theme. But sure run again application after you have applied the theme so that it is applied successfully.

GB themes

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Well, I hope that you have installed and tried out different themes in GB WhatsApp on your Android device from one of the above 10 best themes for GBWhatsApp,

If you want your favorite topics to be added to this list, leave a comment below with the topic name. If you have problems installing these themes, let me know in the comments below.