You are looking for best xposed modules framework for android? Today I will talk about the best xposed frameworks for Android Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat.

Android phones come with a large number of settings and settings. However, there are some things that you can not change in the standard ROM on your smartphone.

best xposed modules

Even custom ROMs do not provide you with full configuration and settings. So, to solve this problem, a senior XDA developer created the Xposed Framework. Modules Xposed Framework helps you configure and customize many of the features and settings on your Android phone.

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But there are too many modules to choose from, and not every module is perfect. That is why we have selected the top 20 Xposed Modules Framework for Android. But before we continue, let's see what the Xposed Framework is, if you already know this, you can skip it. Also check out the GB Whatsapp for Android.

What is the Xposed Module Framework?

Xposed modules are a kind of small applications that work in the xposed environment. To get more settings and functions, you can always install your own ROM. However, in this case, you should give up the simplicity stability, and reliability of stock Android. Do you think it would be great if only the rutting of your device would give all the functions?

best xposed modules

Xposed Framework is a great development that provides you with all this. It is easy to install and configure. In addition, many modules already available for this, so you don't need to worry about that.

These modules carry functionality and functions that require a user ROM or other modes. Also check out YOWhatsapp for Android.

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Top 20 Xposed Modules Framework for Android

Well, these are the top 20 and must have xposed modules that every Android user should try. These are basic modules that can make your smartphone easier than before. Let's jump into the world of modulation and find out. Also read the best applications for creating logos for Android.

1. Gravity Box

Gravity Box – one of the best Modules Xposed for all the time. However, most functions can be customized.

It consists of status bar settings, display settings, control of quick settings tiles, notification management, smart radio, navigation bar settings, Launch settings Screensaver dialers, screen recording.

Top Xposed Modules

Some additional features include CyanogenMod Pie Controls, media settings, Power-settings, Extended Desktop with half immersion and immersion modes, Lock screen settings hardware key actions, etc.

There are different versions Gravity box Available for another version of Android. You need to install separate apks for different versions of Android.

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2. XuiMod

This is another player of the best xposed modules for Android devices. This can add quite impressive functions and fits to your rom or rom.

The best Xposed modules for Android

The developer has compiled and compiled too many functions from various user ROMs and made this module for you to customize animation List, toast animation, status bar mod, navigation bar mod, notification mod, battery mod, etc.

This would be useful for those who do not want to install any user ROMs and want to have all the functions in the ROM itself.

3. Bright lock screen

A standard lock screen has a simple and annoying overlay, and most people get bored, but you can't change or tune It. This Bright Lock Screen module can help you with this. That is why it is included in the list of the best xposed modules for Android.

Top Xposed Modules

It changes your lock screen and changes its user interface. With this module you can not only customize the lock screen, but also make it more clear and understandable. So change your dark and ugly overlay default lock screen and design the way you want.

4. Flat Style Colored Bars

This is considered one of the best modules of 2019. With this module you can create and color the status bar, notification bar and navigation bar.

Top Xposed Modules

Default Android settings Give us a black status bar and navigation bar, and after a while they seem ugly and annoying.

But with this module you can change their appearance and adjust the color, as well as give a new look and beauty default status bar and navigation.

5. XPrivacy

If you used a Marshmallow, Nougat, or Oreo ROM, you should be aware that the applications you are installing are requesting permission, which must be granted, to work properly.

Top Xposed Android Modules

However, some applications may steal your data. To avoid this you can deny access for contacts, phone, location and storage and still use them. But, unfortunately, it was not introduced before Android Lollipop.

Thus, users who still use Lollipop or any version below can try this XPrivacy module to do the same work.

6. Greenify

Greenify makes your device cleaner stopping inactive applications running in the background. It closes all applications that are not used, and helps you save battery power on your device.

Top Xposed Android Modules

It also has a hibernation function, with which it automatically goes into sleep mode and makes your Android device work more smooth. First of all, you need to install this application from the Play Store, and then put a tick to install / activate the module.

7. Battery booster expander

In case the battery of your device runs out very quickly, this module will be the solution for your request. Like us Refresh In our phone to the new version of Android there is a small battery replacement, which can be easily fixed with the help of this module.

Top Xposed Android Modules

The previous module was also for the same use, but if you want maximum performance, then I would recommend that you use both applications, Strengthen + Greenify on your device to get maximum profit.

Sometimes, even if your phone is stored and not used somewhere, the battery is still discharged, so module stops all applications running in the background that use too much battery without using it.

8. Swipe back

Swipe back to return to the screen without using the back button. This feature is very convenient. big screen phones when you use the phone with one hand.

The framework of the best Xposed modules

Instead of pressing the “Back” button, you can simply exit and return to the previous screen. So basically it replaces your back button.

You may have some problems with this module, because some applications already have swipe left This feature allows you to disable the Swipe Back module.

9. Download Manager

Some applications configure settings so that they can start automatically after loading and continue working even when they are not in use. Only because of this, loading the device takes more time.

The framework of the best Xposed modules

Even they discharge our battery while running in the background. So using the Boot Manager you can stop fast such applications and save downloads and battery life also. It prevents all these applications from running in the background when not in use.

10. Awesome pop-up video.

Awesome Pop-Up Video is one of the best modules for Marshmallow, Lollipop and KitKat devices. As the name suggests, this pop-up function for your device. This is very convenient for people who want to multitask in their phones.

The framework of the best Xposed modules

This allows you to play videos on the small space of your device, and you can view something else. To do this, you need to open the video and slide it down to make it pop up to regulate by your words.

11. Application Settings

As the name of this app suggests, it will customize the features of the various apps installed on your device. This module shows you everything. settings your phone that are not visible or customizable from the standard settings.

Top Xposed Modules

Features and settings include DPI, what language they need, what resolution they request, notification priority, disabling the notification panel, disabling the keyboard input, etc. The settings of the application can be useful when you study the development of Android and test some functions.

12. XBlast Tools

Xblast tools – one of the best modules for those who like to customize their devices. Allows you to change the colors of different indicators of your device.

Top Xposed Modules

How can you change the color Wi-Fi signals, network signals, keyboard background, clock, battery and more. You can make your Android phone more vivid and interesting.

13. YouTube Adway

If you are like me who likes to watch YouTube videos, then you can probably annoy those who are annoying ads what you can not miss. Such an advertisement will make you angry and ruin your mood.

The best Xposed modules for Android

This module does what it removes all these annoying ads, notifications and update requests, while observation great videos. You will be free of these annoying ads with this module.

14. Wi-Fi Pwd

You can often use Wi-Fi from hotels or restaurants or shops, but you forget his password every time you connect again.

Top Xposed Modules

This application will help you remember passwords all the wifi you are connected to, no matter how much time has passed.

15. Physical music control button

After installing this module, you do not need to worry about the music player app on your device.

The best Xposed modules for Android

As this will allow you to adjust the parameters of the volume button, and you can directly control the application from two buttons instead of opening it and do it again and again. This will be the best Xposed module if you are a music lover.

16. Notify Net

You may receive too many email notifications, messages, etc. In your notification barIt is annoying and annoying when your notification bar is full of bloody notifications.

Top Xposed Modules

This module allows you to avoid unwanted notifications and display only those that, in his opinion, may be important to you, and keeps the panel clean.

17. Xposed Torch: physical button

If you are in a state where there is little or no light, then you would probably be looking for torch nearby, nearby. And the phone that you wear turns out to be the best flashlight for your condition at the time.

Top Xposed Modules

But for this you need to open your phone and look for the torch version, and then it will finally work. Long press volume button or the home button (if you have a phone) to turn on the flashlight. Now you do not need to unlock the phone; You can directly turn on the torch.

18. Wanam Kit

Wanam Kit is a modular application that allows you to customize and customize your stock settings. It has universal settings that can make your smartphone interface as the most beautiful interface. Its simple user interface places it on the xposed best modules list for Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat.

Top Xposed Modules

Some of them include Number battery, Skip the music using the volume buttons, Turn off the screen when connecting / disconnecting AC / USB cable, CM battery CM, Clock position Extended nutrition menu, etc.

So it would be great for those who prefer stock discs due to custom drives due to errors. You can try and test the module on your phone.

19. Screen Filter

Screen filter is designed to reduce the screen brightness and allows you to use the phone in dark, giving no pressure to your sensitive eyes.

Top Xposed Modules

This would be very useful for those who like to read books or watch movies on their phones.

20. Coolify Flat

This module controls your device. temperature. Coolify flat allows you to control the heating of your device. It keeps your device at a normal temperature, one-click optimization. Coolify flat is one of the best xposed modules for Android.

The best Xposed modules for Android

Well, it has a simple user interface and does not have much inconvenience to the user experience. You never have to deal with complexity and risk.


Well, these best Xposed modules are widely used by users to customize Android devices with or without installing a custom ROM. They are very useful in our daily use. to install Xposed module, you need to have a custom device with custom recovery in it.

Xposed Framework applications do User experience more fun and better. Try these best Xposed modules and share your experience with us. Let us know in the answer box below about your favorite best Xposed Module for Android.