Top 25 Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Live Sports Online 2019 – Is Here!

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Want to know which are among the best Sports streaming sites? Well, if the answer is yes, I'm here to help you. I chose several free streaming sites, as well as some paid sites. We often miss our favorite sports when we are busy or traveling.

Sometimes we are in a place where access to television is rather difficult. However, as technology evolves, it’s pretty easy clock our favorite shows online.

Even we can watch sports broadcasts. If you want to know about the best sites for watching sports online, then read on.

Top 25 sports streaming sites to watch sports online

Well, I chose the list live sports broadcastsMost of these sites are completely free, while some sites require a premium subscription to access content.

You should check the sites one by one and decide which one suits you best. If you encounter any problem accessing these sites, just leave your questions below in the comments section.

1- Hotshtar

First, we have Hotstar; if you are from India, then you already know what it is. However, if you do not know, here is some information. Well, Hotstar is one of best live broadcastsWith this site you can watch movies, favorite TV shows and Indian sports online.

Also streaming is completely free. However, for some content, you must get a Hotstar premium subscription. Don't forget to check it out Web site. If you are not from India, you can use VPN to enjoy it.

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2- WatchESPN

Next we have an ESPN watch. Well, WatchESPN is also one of the best. live sports broadcastsWith it, you can watch live sports and sports news. However, the only drawback is that if you are not from the USA, then you will not be able to access the website.

But if you are connected to a VPN, then everything is fine. So first try to access the site if it blocks your connection, then consider using VPN. I shared a good VPN service to unlock sites.


If you are looking for a site for streaming football. Then is undoubtedly one of the best. football streaming sites what you can go to. It not only offers a broadcast of football, you can also watch sports such as hockey, volleyball and beach volleyball, motor sports, basketball and so on. In addition, the best part is that it is completely free. So be sure to check out this site.

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4- – the best NFL streaming sites what you can go with. On this site you can broadcast live matches, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, motor sports and so on. Also the site is completely free.

However, for streaming sports you need to create an account. You can easily create a new account on this site. If you have any problems, please leave a comment below, I will help you.


For our next offer, we have It is also one of the best free sports streaming sites available online. In addition, you can say that this is one of better alternative to the Watchsportonline.Cc website. On this site you can broadcast almost all sports, including football, cycling, basketball, baseball.

However, the user experience is not pleasant, you may notice some pop-ups. So you have to deal with this, in general it is considered one of the best sites where you can watch sports online for free. I also shared the best Android PC emulators.


Next we have in our list. This site can become a paradise for sports enthusiasts. Since it has many sports categories and allows you to broadcast each of them for free. You can also choose different languages. We can consider this as one of best streaming nfl sites,

However, the only drawback is that the website cannot be affordable from all countries. For example, if you are from India, you will not be able to access the website. Therefore, in such cases, consider using a VPN. Also, check out the best xposed modules to customize your phone.


Stream2Watch is one of top sports streaming sitesAs its slogan says: “If this is life, we have it,” and they do. With this site you can watch almost all sports, including cricket, football, baseball and so on.

However, the disadvantage of this site is that you will not be able to broadcast the match if it is not broadcast. As you can not broadcast previous matches. But nevertheless, this is a great option when it comes to live streaming sites.


As the name suggests, all sports are broadcast live, which means that you can broadcast all sports on this site. The site is completely free to use. You can stream popular leaguesDo you want to enjoy live football, hockey, baseball, basketball games?

If so, can give you the opportunity to enjoy live sports matches. It is in Russian, but you can translate it using Google Chrome web browser. So make sure you check it out.

9- is another choice for the best sports streaming sites. The best thing about a website is that it allows you to access specific sportsFor example, if you are from Germany, you can watch sports in Germany.

You can also watch leagues. In addition, like all other sites, you can watch almost all sports. The website has a beautiful design and is quite user friendly. So consider looking at this.


Next on the list we have With the help of the site you can use all kinds live matcheswhich includes hockey, NFL basketball and so on.

However, the user experience is not the best in the business, as you will see a lot of pop-up windows. You can use any ad blocker, for example, ublock origin or Adblock plus. Consider taking a look at this as well.


For our next offer, we have Well, this site offers football, NFL, basketball, baseball, handball, hockey, motor racing, rugby, tennis, volleyball and other matches.

This is a website that we can consider as one of better alternatives on So make sure you don’t forget to take a look at this site.

12- is an alternative to However, unlike You do not need a VPN to access this site. In addition, the site offers all kinds of sports matches for its users.

You will see several pop-ups, but they are completely free. So I don’t think you will mind seeing a pop-up ad. You can use Google chrome internal pop-up blocker to get rid of pop-up windows

13- Ten Sports Live

For the next offer, we have Ten Sports Live. This is one of the most popular Sports streaming sites are available online. However, to access the website you will need to create an account. When creating an account, you must select all sports that interest you.

If you want to enjoy all live sports matches, you may have to pay a small fee for the site. It offers various sports, such as cricket, football, etc. Even on the air, you can watch WWE matches.

14- Livetv.Sx

LiveTV is also one of the best sites to watch sports online. However, in some countries, the website is not available. In such cases, consider using VPN serviceSpeaking about the site, it has almost the same functions as the above-mentioned sites.

How you can watch sports online, including Football, NBA, NFL and more. If you want to enjoy live sports broadcasts, this site can satisfy your needs.


Next on the list we have This is another member free sports streaming sites where you can watch live sports. Live sports include football, basketball, NBA and more. This site is blocked in some countries, VPN can be a lifesaver in this situation.


Next we have This site is also blocked in many countries. You already know what to do to unlock it. In any case, if we talk about the service, on this site you can watch boxing matches, WWE, football matches, hockey matches and much more. Gofirstrow is one of the best live football streaming sites. If you're a football fan, make sure you check out the site.


For our next offer, we have With this site you can watch live and free sports broadcasts. Speaking about its features, you can see Sports replays and Highlights, Live competitions of various matches and much more about him. This site is especially popular in the United States. It offers various types of sports matches.


Returning to the other name of our list of sports sites. Well, for this we have, which is definitely one of the best live sports streaming sites. With this site you can watch matches on American football, baseball, basketball, hockey and much more.

However, you can see some pop-ups, but this doesn’t really spoil the user experience. The design of this site is a bit outdated, but still convenient. As soon as you visit the website, it offers streaming on his home page.


Next we have This is one of the popular and best sites for watching sports online. On this site you will find different connections for different Matches All you have to do is simply click on your preferred match and it will be redirected to the new site.

Also, to watch several matches in real time, you may need to create an account. Well then Account creation is easy, you will not encounter any problems. If you get any error, please comment below.

20- Sony Live TV

If you want to watch specific sports in India, then you can try Sony Liv Liv. It is also one of the great alternatives to Hotstar, where almost all types of Indian sports matches are held.

You can also watch them for free. Even you can watch online shows, which is great. Sony Liv also offers apps for Android and ios, which makes it easy to access them from smartphones.


Next we have You can also consider this site as one of the best. sports streaming sitesThe website offers many links to various types of sports matches.

This includes the NBA, NFL, football, basketball, hockey, etc. This site is free, which makes it one of the best sites offering free sports. Visit mamahd and enjoy sports matches online on the go.


If you are looking for a paid solution, try The site allows you to broadcast more Over 70 TV channels, including NBC, NBA TV. You can access the website using your Android, Apple or Roku smartphone and Apple TV.

In addition, it comes with a free trial, if you plan to get a paid solution, then try a free trial. This will give you an understanding of the service that offers.


This site also allows you to live broadcast of matchesIt has a bunch of links, and all you have to do is click on the link you choose, and then everything is ready to watch live matches. Sportlemons has a nice design and navigation.

This site is one of the best sites in terms of user experience and easy navigation. You can watch football, hockey, boxing, tennis, basketball, baseball, moto and american football. This site is mainly popular in Greece.


If you are looking for a place to watch cricket matches only then This is the perfect solution for you. Using the site, you can watch cricket matches for free.

However, it does not only allow you to watch online cricket matches. You can also watch other sports including football, baseball, and tennis. He also offers live broadcasts of league matches in different countries.


In the end, we have Are you a football fan? Then this is the site that you should check out. Using this site, you can watch live football Matches You can consider this site as one of the best streaming football sites. It is completely free to use. Livesoccertv is mainly focused on football fans.

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To you

Well, this is the best Sports streaming sites watch sports online. Some of the above sites may not be available in your country. Use any good VPN to unlock the site in your country. If you encounter the error "You do not have access rights to this web page in accordance with dot matching."

Just add https: // before the site URL and go to the site. All of the above sites do not offer the same look. live matches and service. So it is advisable to try each site individually and find the best one for yourself. Also, if you have any questions, you can comment below.