Pollution Checker Apps
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Pollution testing applications

Hello friends! it Top pollution test apps Detailed article on Given the growing concerns about daily pollution, it becomes necessary that we store as much information as possible.

This one in the direction of pollution prevention
The important thing can be proved. If you are the real state of pollution of your city
You know, in accordance with this, you will be better off saving yourself.

In this regard, today I will tell you about some of these amazing and amazing mobile applications that make you very easy Pollution check You can With these applications you can find out the level of air pollution.

Pollution testing applications


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Central Pollution Control Board
Application of
Samir (Samer) will show you the updated hourly data of the Air Quality Index.

2016 year
The release of this application has been downloaded so far over 50 thousand.

The peculiarity is that only four MB are in memory
Takes only place. Download it from the Google Play Store for free.

Brisometer: air quality application

With this application you will receive instant information about air quality. It gives you such information through the map. From this you will learn that outside
Is air safe for you or not?

In addition to this, you will find useful tips too.
Provides. Regarding the most effective polluter in your area,
You will know through Wednesday.

AirVeda-Monitor Air Quality

Airway is available for you air quality station Show the collected data. Thanks to this, you can find out the quality of the air in your city.

In addition, if you are a different city
You plan to enter through this app, you know the air quality and prepare accordingly.
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If there is a star of air pollution
If you are too much, then you can go there, or you can go at a time when
Pollution levels are relatively low there.

Air quality / Air Visual

This is a very good application.
This will show you a lot of statistics. On this you will see 10 world
Get real-time information on air pollution in more than thousands of cities
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It will also help you anticipate
And weather statistics, too. This app is six major
Pollutants – PM2.5, PM10, nitrogen, ozone, carbon monoxide and
Sulpher also provides real-time information about dioxide. him
In addition, he will also provide advice related to pollution.

Air quality: real-time AQI

Real-time air in over 60 countries
ability to show quality index (AQI)
This app is awesome.

In India, China, Vietnam,
Countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, etc., are included. Air quality
Data sources vary by city.

All AQI, PM2.5 and PM10 in this application
Statistics is updated every hour.

Conclusion: pollution testing applications
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So friends! It's just something Top 5 Mobile Contamination Testing ApplicationsI hope you enjoyed this article, and now you can learn about your environment through these applications.

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