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Download TrackOFF Elite from our software library for free. Restore control over your data. A smart, easy way to stop online tracking. Stay protected at home or on the go with TrackOFF. Works together with all major antivirus. Compatible with all major web browsers.

Features TrackOFF Elite Download

Your personality and personal life at hand
This is not a conspiracy. For years, companies have been secretly tracking virtually everything you do on the Internet, selling and sharing YOUR location and activity, to gradually influence your daily life and decisions.

ID thieves on your track
In today's world of data leakage and identity fraud, there is a whole new risk you need to know about. Modern tracking threats, also called digital fingerprinting, allow data collectors to steal information about your family (age, religion, work and school), your finances (income, debt, credit, loans, bank accounts), web history (articles , video, shopping trip). ID thieves know where the information is stored, and they want it. Bad.

Prevents Internet identity theft
Your computer has a unique fingerprint that is used to identify and track you. TrackOFF works like a glove to protect it.

Protects your browsing history from prying eyes
Hard-to-delete tracking cookies tell you who you are and where you were. TrackOFF explodes them in seconds.

Shows who is trying to track you and stops them.
Have you ever wondered who is following you online? TrackOFF shows you a list of all websites that are trying to collect your information.

Disguises your location
The IP address of your computer shows your location to marketers and advertisers. VPN TrackOFF does not let them know where you are.

Detects threats in real time
Modern technology identifies attempts to collect your personal, family, medical and financial data.

Graphs of your cleaning views
Don't you have time to manually erase your browsing history? Do not worry! Install and forget about it with easy removal.

Helps you search privately
With DuckDuckGo, you can search with the certainty that they will never be registered.

Easy to install
Configuration without problems means that you are protected for several minutes.

Automatically syncs with your browsers.
TrackOFF knows which browsers are on your computer and provides protection.

Do not worsen your browsing experience.
Some software blocks the basic elements of web pages. TrackOFF allows good and stops bad.

Does not store your data
We believe in true online privacy, which means that we will never collect or sell your personal information.

Our toolbar gives you a snapshot of the security threats we have prevented, as well as statistics on how well you are protected.

Encrypted browsing
Other VPN software is confusing. We are all simple. Activate it with one click to encrypt your browsing and disguise your location.

My tracks
Cookies tell about who you are and where you were online. Easily remove them to get rid of targeted ads. Or set a schedule, and TrackOFF will delete them for you.

Private search
Most search engines collect, store and transmit your data. TrackOFF uses the DuckDuckGo search engine, where searches are truly confidential.

Get a complete list of blocked tracking attempts, or see when your digital fingerprint last changed.

Privacy assessment
Provides a quick and easy way to determine if your software is configured and working properly. The assessment is influenced by various tools and privacy settings TrackOFF.

Browser integration
TrackOFF seamlessly integrates with your favorite web browsers for protection against fingerprints.

Data cleansing
One click away from clearing the fingerprint data history.

Features TrackOFF Elite:

Enjoy all the great features of Trackoff Standard. Also, browse anonymously by turning on VPN with one click. Disguise your real location, unblock closed websites and enjoy complete security.

– Protection against identity theft
– Detailed tracking reports
– Advanced cookie deletion
– Private Search
– Anonymous browsing (VPN)
– disguise location

Title: TrackOFF Elite v5.0.0.20028
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
Language: multilingual
OS: Windows 7/8/10.

– NEW A new coat of paint to simplify your experience.
– NEW TrackOFF can now show who is tracking you, without relying on browser extensions.
– NEW interface application code rewritten from scratch to HTML5
– Improved stability and reliability of the VPN connection.
– Increased application speed and performance
– Fixed over 100 minor bugs

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