Transit King
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Transit King

Start your transport business and grow your island into an economic superpower!

Transport goods from farms and mines to factories and cities to deliver what they need. Your island will grow and thrive to become the envy of the whole world.

Make the cities grow, find more resources, produce high-tech goods and build the transport empire of your dreams. Collect the lightest fleet of trucks and other vehicles (buses, airports, etc. Soon!).

You can download and play the game for free. There are also in-game purchases that can be used to further enrich and speed up the process.


* Grow and develop your island and cities
* Deliver tasty items such as fruits, sweets and juices
* Find natural resources and process them into advanced products
* Build and upgrade the most brilliant fleet of trucks and other vehicles
* Build roads and upgrade them to multi-lane freeways
* Level up to access the best vehicles and unleash your island completely!


Hey tycoon! Are you having problems? Help and support at trank[email protected] or in the game> Settings> Contact support.


• Bug fixes and improvements.
• Fixed event pond rewards

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