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Kings Hero 2 – classic tactical role-playing fantasy game with step by step fighting style!
In the game, the player travels around a huge fantasy world.
You will complete some quests, fight evil spirits,
collect ancient artifacts and challenge the strongest bosses.

** AppAdvice – “If you like old Dungeon & Dragons and Ultima
games, as well as strategies like Might & Magic, then Kings Hero can be yours … ”**

Classic RPG!
Turn-based battles on the hexagonal map.
Real-time travel map.
Four classes of characters.
More than 20 spells – attack, strengthen and control (can be improved).
Powerful bosses with their unique magic abilities.
Many quests with awards.
Improve equipment.
Offline game
No ads and IAP

Tactical battles:
Battles that take place on a small map with a hexagonal grid have a turn-based strategy.
In the beginning, a player can use his team's spell, attack an enemy, or order his character to move to another grid.
On some maps, the team will first need to break through the fortifications – they cannot attack enemies while they are intact.
Bosses have at their disposal a huge arsenal of spells, so it is very important to think through the moves.
Bosses can be treated, they can cause backups, set traps and do much more.

Four character classes:
Specializes in long-range battles and critical hits.
His spells help him to keep the enemy at a distance, entangling the enemy's legs, as well as putting his feet to sleep for a while.
The witch has magical powers and can heal wounds in battle.
Some of her spells deal damage to all enemies on the battlefield.
If necessary, she can teleport to avoid close combat.
Warrior of Light. His magic can heal all of his allies and enchant their weapons in order to inflict additional damage.
At critical moments, he can invoke the power of light, which will force enemies to heal his wounds instead of causing damage.
An experienced fighter dressed in heavy armor. His magic allows him to enchant the armor of his allies.
He can quickly reduce the distance to the enemy and stretch the life of the enemy using his blood magic.

Magic is divided into four types – control, damage, healing and charm.
Each team member can use his spells in battle. Spells do not consume energy, but once a spell has been used, you cannot use it in 6 turns.
When a team reaches new levels, characters gain magic points that can be used to improve spells.
New spells can be obtained for completing quests or you can capture them from enemies.

During the game you can find many different items to strengthen your team.
Items are divided by quality – from simple gray to epic orange.
They can be improved by absorbing other unnecessary items. Moreover, the improved item gets more opportunities.
When maximum improvement is achieved, the item can develop, merging with magic signs.
Here the class of objects increases by one star, losing some improvements.


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