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Twixl Publisher Pro 8.0

Twixl Publisher allows you to easily create applications for iOS and / or Android (for tablets and phones) based on Adobe InDesign content. You can publish to the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Kindle Fire app store. You can also export a “Web Reader” version of your content to display the publication in a standard browser for a desktop or laptop computer. The free Twixl Viewer app for iOS and Android allows you to quickly send a preview to your own device.

In combination with the Twixl Distribution Platform, which allows you to manage kiosk applications, with support for in-app purchases, subscriptions, permissions, newsstands, push notifications, we offer a very attractive alternative to mobile publishing at a competitive price.

Free trial allows you to create test builds. Different types of annual subscriptions are available, depending on your requirements. The price is for annual subscription.

What's new in Twixl Publisher

Version 8.0:

  • The new Twixl app that allows you to view your article-based apps in a very simple way.
  • Added support for full-text search in article-based applications.
  • Added support for segmented push notifications.
  • Added support for deep links.
  • Push notifications on Android are now sent using Firebase
  • Article-based apps can now be displayed in the iOS simulator
  • Added support for new iPad Pro models
  • Added support for Adobe InDesign CC Server 2019
  • Redesign of the article loading screen
  • Intel 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • Adobe InDesign CC2015 / 2014, CC, CS6
  • Xcode 6.1 or later

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