TypingMaster Pro 7


TypingMaster Pro 7

Free Download TypingMaster Pro 7  And Start Typing

TypingMaster Pro can teach anyone to type efficiently and error free like a professional. With lessons, tests and other teaching tools included, it can be used at home or in the classroom. Easy to install and to download, the TypingMaster Pro can teach anyone the basics of typing.

Learn Touch Typing

TypingMaster -Pro has everything users need to learn the basics of touch typing. Interactive lessons show users where to put their hands on the keyboards, while also teaching the basics of typing without looking down. Timed tests point out weak spots, while also measuring accuracy. TypingMaster Pro also uses a virtual keyboard to clearly show each new finger placement.

The Unique Satellite Option

What makes TypingMaster Pro unique is the satellite feature. The innovative teaching tool catches any problem area during typing. Choose a lesson to improve a problem area, or start at the beginning and learn all of the basics. You can also download fraps скачать.

Key Features of TypingMaster Pro

This teaching tool is designed for both beginning and experienced typists. The software features lessons that show all of the basics of typing in any easy to follow format. Other key features of TYpingMaster Pro include,

  1. –>Unique satellite option that grades typing even while using other programs.
  2. –>Virtual keyboard makes it easy to understand proper finger placement.
  3. –>Timed tests are used to judge users speed.
  4. –>Teaches all the basics of touch typing.
  5. –>Pick and choose lessons to only work on specific areas.
  6. –>Simple, easy to use interface.
  7. –>Everything included to teach all the basics of typing.

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