UC browser – A fast and good browser for Android, from the developer of UCWeb Inc. Its uniqueness is that it is adaptable to the speed of data transfer (compresses traffic), loads pages and performs much faster than other browsers.


  • Page Compression – UC Browser will save more than 90% of traffic thanks to page compression technology
  • One-touch access to your favorite sites
  • Own download manager at high speed
  • Expansion of the browser using add-ons
  • Stable internet connection – Free-link technology ensures stable communication with the server
  • Powerful search – a variety of popular and powerful search services built into the browser
  • Some windows – you can switch between open pages at will.
  • Navigation through the site – navigation contains more than 100 popular sites
  • Download Manager – support for resumes, download in various streams
  • Preview (preload) – Preview technology will increase the speed of opening the page
  • Security – the browser manages user passwords, supports caching, cookies
  • Bookmarks and History – Support for Bookmarks and History
  • URL completion – the browser can complete entering the name of the site itself
  • Different display modes – screen adaptation mode and zoom mode
  • Save pages and images – You can save pages and images and share them with friends via blogs and / or SMS
  • File Manager – You can view files or manage files through the file manager in the browser
  • Night mode – using the night theme, you can protect your eyesight at night.

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