Umwelt 1.0.12 Full Apk + Mod + Data for Android – Is Here!

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“Become a third-class reporter and collect exclusive news to find the missing famous author !!!”

“The journey begins with the keen curiosity of a third reporter woman about the news of a missing famous writer.
Become a female reporter to gather information and actively participate in current events,
stories and uncover hidden truths from the first person in the world of virtual reality beyond the mobile platform. ”

>> 100% dubbed dialogue deeply immerses you in history !!

– A thrilling and funny thriller novel perfectly realized by the voice acting actors!
– Ideal immersion from the first person with all the subtitles and dialogues, voiced by 100% professional actors!
– Subtitles and dubbing in native Korean, English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese!

>> Audio VR adventure mobile game like no one before !!

– Get 100% virtual reality in the first-person perspective with a mobile gyroscope!
– In the first-person perspective, all sounds will correspond to the character's movements.
– Very realistic VR with 3D sound effects in the ear that change with the point of view!

>> Forget about joysticks and buttons! Experience unique control with mobile sensors!

– Enjoy direct control with a mobile sensor, touchscreen and gestures!
– Turn the dial to find hidden objects in locked chests, and wipe the dust from the mirrors to uncover hidden secrets to solve the puzzle.
– Perform realistic actions, for example, grabbing items with your hands, pull the handle to open the box, turn the pages of the book one by one and much more!

>> Find clues in your surroundings and combine all the parts of the story together to solve the mystery!

– During the adventure, you will find yourself in an apartment, mansion, underground, rooms, kitchen, bathroom and much more to collect information, hints and other clues to reveal the hidden secrets of the story.
– Advanced plots between news coverage and adventure trajectory lead to a shocking ending that uncovers the hidden story of the main character!

>> Reach several endings depending on your choice !!!

– As you progress through the story you will be asked to make various choices. Each choice leads to a different ending. How the story will turn out is up to you!
– Do not miss the last hidden story revealed after several endings!

>> Do not worry about additional costs or data usage!

– Without additional in-game purchases, you can play to the end by purchasing the game!
– Play the game even without an internet connection!


– Change of visual sensitivity in horizontal mode


  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "com.evo42games.UmbeltFolder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.