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unWorded is an innovative puzzle game in which everything is built from letters. Use your imagination to create objects, putting the letters together and learning the story of a writer who was hospitalized after a serious accident.

Immerse yourself in his spoiled mind and experience his inner creative world through strange and amazing stories. Help the writer regain his memory and thoughts in this narrative text puzzle. Think outside the box, drag letters and signs around onto a canvas to form a picture with a thousand words. Unworded, divided into five books that track the author’s memories, is a unique, emotionally attractive and plot-driven indie masterpiece that attracts the inner workings of a complex human mind with its poetic and fairy-tale puzzles full of letters.

unWorded is a wordy puzzle created by a two-person team that was selected and awarded in many mobile events around the world:

– Radius Festival (Austria 07/16): Official selection
– Respawn (Germany 08/16): Grand Prize Casual Connect
– Tokyo Game Show (Japan, 09/16): official selection
– Feeling the night of miracles (Japan 09/16): the best art award
– Indie Games Competition (France 09/16): finalist
– Indigo (Netherlands 09/16): official selection
– Game Connection Awards (France 10/16): Nomination “Best Story / Best Mobile Game”
– UNITE made with Unity (USA 11/16): official selection
– Everyday Communication from IndiePrize: Germany 02/17
– Google Play Indie Games Contest (England, 17.02): nomination among 20 finalists

Visit the official website without words at www.bento-studio.com.
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If you have problems with UnWorded, please contact our support team at playdigious@gmail.com. Be sure to specify which device and operating system you are using.

Supported languages: English, French

Artistic statement
UnWorded is born out of a deep love for typography. Letters not only convey meaning, but can also give a sense of space. We asked ourselves, can we build a whole world of simple letters? What would it look like? What feeling would we have if we plunged into such a universe ?! With this came the desire to sink into the head of the writer and his thoughts, to see how memories are formed, to bubble up to the conscious mind. We finally chose a very simple but fascinating gameplay, collecting letters to create objects, each of which evokes an important memory of the author. One of the key aspects for us was the proximity of the player with the writer who actively participated in his introspection.

We really wanted to tell a story about feelings and thoughts through words. The game touches the subject of grief, this is what we all have to go through, but it is not so easy to discuss. The player will have to live through each phase of grief with the author: shock and denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. The story without words tells about the children's writer who was hospitalized after a serious accident. When his wife at his bed reads tales to him about his own creations, you are immersed in his thoughts, sharing his latest thoughts when he recalls his life and past deeds, standing with him at the door of death!

Team without words
Bento has been producing mobile games since 2010. In Lyon, the team consists of two enthusiastic people who are united by a common project: the creation of original and creative games. Benoit breathes life in games, creating art, sounds and music, while Severin starts the engine with his programs. With UnWorded, Bento team realizes its long-awaited dream of creating a narrative game that conveys a truly meaningful story!