Samurai II: Revenge

Samurai II sends Daisuke in search of revenge through the war-burned countryside. From the sea village to the flying fortress and to the legendary island of the dead, the samurai will stop at nothing to hunt down their sworn enemy Oroti. Will he get his revenge?

“Samurai II is a very addictive game with good gameplay and amazing graphics.” –
“Samurai II:“ Revenge ”has grown significantly in comparison with the original and has turned into an extremely enjoyable game in the action genre.” –

The long-awaited sequel to the Samurai: The Way of the Warrior! While the original received rave reviews about its stylized manga graphics and fast, bloody gameplay, Samurai II provides even more action and an intuitive control scheme.

Samurai II – a real successor, who has been helping for more than a year of purposeful development. General performance indicators and perverse actions put Samurai II on a par with console 3D bowlers. Screenshots do not make Samurai II fair – smooth action should be performed at a speed of 60 frames per second.

But the views alone will not bring the game – the developers have listened to the feedback from fans and improved the gameplay. Samurai II with a new virtual tablet, dynamic camera, riddles, traps and new evil enemies – this is a completely new experience for those who like to crack the moves.

Virtual An intuitive virtual joystick ensures that you slice the villains without running your finger across the screen.

✔️ The dynamic camera finds the best perspective for each encounter, adding variety while maintaining focus on the action.

✔️ Intense, fast and bloody combat sequences!
– Fight hordes of enemies on the screen, using new weapons and unique sporting abilities.
– Be clever and plan your attacks – avoid evil and destroy ranged enemies, such as a samurai archer, before they can strike.

✔️ Improved gameplay includes new features.
– Solve environmental puzzles, avoid dangerous traps and find useful items.
– The battle goes on – do not worry, the battle never recedes into the background to platform or quests.

Elements RPG elements reward experienced players – improve the health of a samurai, buy new combinations of attacks and improve them to destructive levels.

Ween Between levels, gorgeous anime-style comic panels tell the story of samurai with original hand-drawn drawings.

✔️ A new survival mode opposes samurai to the waves of enemies, giving hardcore players an attack mode on points to hone their skills. Two games in one!

✔️ Advanced AI system along with console games. The architecture of Goal-Oriented Action Planning is used in many computer and console games.

✔️ The original soundtrack is in the classic style of samurai films, soft music is created in the heat of battle.


A small update just came out.
With a lot of amazing improvements and fixes.
We really appreciate all the feedback you sent us.

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