Your mother will die because of HIV, with you pentiumbich, "Pentium, you are very sexy, strong, smart, charismatic, and not at all pidopa, what is your secret?", You ask, but I will not answer you, because it is a secret, you can find if you blow up millions of school children, for this you can even write premiums, from the country, but joking, a thousand devils, today we have computerized games on the agenda, but not simple games but for dianes, I do research in the ball for fools, I found what was played on VKontakte, well, people were really disgusted and, to be honest, I was disappointed, really disappointed, because this is the bottom of the bottom, under Djarachov, under the dwarf of the game the throne, under my defense of myself, are you ready, oh the reader, to make this extraordinary journey through the stores drinking degraded games, why am I asking you, You still have no choice, uhh, yes I am a tyrant punishing me dear, making it even more painful
– kubbezumiye took 2nd place in our Urals parade, pixel graphics, square men, pixel weapons should be played into the hands of the game, in the school community, and what you think exactly what happened, schoolboys shouted "MAYNKRAFT, MEYNRAFT" rushed in the midst of this rubbish to dolbozavrov to further fossilize, bury ignorance under the pile, not only is this game located in VK, FU, it also has a difficult contribution to weapons, which destroys the balance at root and so on, so if your iq is above 51 then do not play this project, even rekreschus and put candles (analnyyu)
In the first place of our top degenerpat, infected Russia is located, and yes again with donations, and you know, I won't say anything, but I understand that this game comes from Vc rebuy, or, in my mouth, even for him , this is a garbage can, it is definitely a dayz killer, there are also parameters, zagagovanaya, soap, dirty, immediately clear that the homeland, and what you need to do, congratulations, a special case to survive, in short, if you play this game you will become a zombie
The bottom line: Hitting yourself with a mustache or short hair, if you play this work, you will be taken to an orphanage for a retarded person.