VMware Workstation 10


VMware Workstation 10

VMware Workstation 10 Turns PCs Into Virtual Machines

With VMware Workstation 10, users can turn their PC into a virtual operating machine. Run multiple programs and operating systems on a single PC, while protecting against dangerous apps. Find and play older versions of online video games on a new laptop, all while using the VMware Workstation 10 software. just click and download fl studio 12 full version.

Create a Virtual Machine

VMware Workstation 10 lets users create different virtual machines and run them on one computer. Safely download apps that might be dangerous to other systems, and easily share remote connections. Set up new connections for CD and DVD, and choose whether to share a host connection or make it private. With this professional software users can do this and more. Here you can also download Hotspot shield elite full version.

Easy to Use and Install

Installation takes only minutes, while the large interface is easy to navigate. Quickly choose which remote sever to access, and the multiple tab display makes it simple to open several virtual servers at once. The set up wizard walks users through the creation of a virtual server, while VMware Workstation 10 will also let users customize virtual hard drives.

Key Features of VMware Workstation 10

This software kit lets users create multiple virtual servers with ease. Share them with co-workers, or keep them private, VMware Workstation 10 features this and so much more,

  1. —>Easily create several different servers for one PC.
  2. —>Customize the hard drive on the newly created virtual machine.
  3. —>Will support international keyboards, along with two operating modes.
  4. —>Can share the virtual machines over a network, or choose to keep them private.
  5. —>Users can save all of their files before installing the software for additional security.
  6. —>Connecting to any remote is easy with the user’s new created password.
  7. —>The virtual system can be edited so only part of the files are made public.
  8. —>All global keys provide the same functions on the virtual server.
  9. —>Vmware Workstation 10 also lets users work with Windows and Linux operating systems.

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