Wall Breaker 2 Apk

Unlimited and inexhaustible skill


Wall Breaker 2 Apk

Break every wall that stands in your way!
When you're angry and nervous,
Unleash Fury with Wall Breaker2

We have added the long-awaited features.
-Skill Evolution System,
Game system
-Practice Mode System
-UI Optimization

We do not plan to stop there!

Changing the time of the device will automatically lead to a ban.
Please do not change the reset time of the recharge boxes.

Home page

■■■■■Introduction to the game■■■■■

This game was created for the following people!

▷ For those who find it hard to punch walls
▷ those who secretly want to destroy things
▷ those with terrible bosses
▷ When your salary is less than your bills
▷ Those who need anger management
▷ When you passionately want to do nothing
▷ When you fall, trying to tie shoelaces
▷ When you are in the toilet, constipation

Smash the Walls 2 does it all.

■■■■■How to play■■■■■

Find out how much damage you do in practice mode!
▷ Level up and destroy all the walls!
Various characteristics and skills to create your own unique character.
▷ Become a top-rated test mode.
Run away from various stages!
▷ Open the boxes and unleash the forces of Troll Kim!

Your feedback is a priority for us. Please rate the app. ^^


1. Add Whirl Evolution
2. Add 2 new runes
3. Add a new mask
4. Some image update mask
5. Add new equipment "gloves"

Wall Breaker 2 Apk Mod