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Golf Club: Wasteland

After the Great Ecological Disaster, the ultra rich move to Tesla City on Mars. The rest of us are dead. Now the citizens of Mars fly to Earth and play golf on the ruins of civilization. However, one of the pilots of the mission on Mars cannot fit into the new Martian society. A homesick pilot uses his connections at Golf Club: Wasteland for one last solo trip to Earth.

ORIGINAL SOUND TRAINER: Radio Nostalgia from Mars. Citizens of Mars, now nostalgic for Earth, listen to the music of the 2020s and share memories of their past life on Earth. 7 original songs and 5 personal stories from the inhabitants of Mars. Now available on Apple Music!

Lie back, relax and remember with Golf Club: Wasteland. This award-winning game is a slow, atmospheric visual story of walking, flying a jet and playing golf in a post-apocalyptic landscape.


“Combined with the eerie atmosphere and some of the best tunes we’ve heard in iOS games, it creates a wonderful experience of loneliness.” – Apple

"Beautiful and elegiac are usually not adjectives that you would use to describe a golf simulation, but this is a very unusual and peaceful experience." 8/10 – Metro

"A rare game that makes you think about modern society, and at the same time be angry that you missed a shot to go through a giant irradiated giraffe." 9/10 – Touch Arcade

“Maybe this is the beginning of a new genre, please?” – Yahoo Finance


Visually and sonorous rich, calm and fun experience. Each level contains a post-apocalyptic environment with destroyed brutalistic monuments, neons pointing to current social events and Silicon Valley, graffiti, alternative paths and one unexpected character.

Returning to Earth, the Pilot listens to Radio Nostalgia from Mars, a unique concept album.

Three storytelling perspectives: text between levels, a pilot diary you can unlock, and personal stories in a radio program.

Links are planted around the game world. If you are passionate about current affairs, appreciate great design and be skeptical of our collective future – this game is made for you.


Minor fixes

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