Web Freer Free Download


Web Freer Free Download

Have Total Online Freedom with the Web Freer Download

Privacy and security is a vital factor while surfing the internet, especially when using a public network. Thanks to web freer developers who have come up with the most secure and fast internet browser, while still ensuring web privacy, you no longer have to worry about privacy and security issues while surfing the net. Web freer supports auto HTTP connections and is developed under the same principle as chromium based browsers. The browser does not only guarantee privacy while surfing the net, it also facilitates browsing session encryption and access to restricted websites. The most striking feature of Web freer is its ability to access blocked websites, meaning you can access any site anywhere.

Web Freer Supported OS Never worry about your systems, operating system as web freer is compatible with almost all common OS. Web Freer, Web – Freer most current version, is perfectly compatible with Widows Vista, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, 7 and 8.
Benefits of Web Freer  browser beats other browsers in the game as it comes with a lot of advantages that no sane human would ever resist. The browser conceals IP addresses, ensuring your anonymity while surfing the internet. Web Freer also connects to the net through https which encrypts browsing information hence providing absolute privacy.

Moreover, this download software also facilitates faster, providing an all time browsing experience with its chromium based model and auto https connection. However, the most amazing benefit of Web – Freer is its ability to access restricted websites. Have you ever imagined entering that website that is blocked in your country? Yes, it is very possible with Web Freer.
Ditch the other disappointing browsers and experience the ultimate in online freedom with this easy to install program.

Features of Web Freer

  1.  Fast Speed browser.
  2.  Improved privacy.
  3.  Auto HTTPS connection.
  4.  Highly compatible with common OS.
  5.  All websites access.
  6. Chromium based.
  7. Easy to use interface.
  8. Different Search Engines Use.

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