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If you are connected to the digital world of Facebook, Google, apps like Instagram and Internet banking, do you not have these two-step authentication? And how do we use it? Thus, you probably do not like your account on social networks. Because at present, account security is the biggest problem for those who use the Internet, and due to the lack of strict security, there are news of day-to-day leaks.

Your personal data, financial or banking information on the Internet can be avoided once, but if you do not have reliable protection, you can not always keep them after the leak of your information. Then the entire balance in your bank account may disappear. Your Facebook account, Gmail account may be used incorrectly and will be the sole responsibility of all of you.

List of data breaks in 2018:

Every year, information about millions of people is leaking due to some unwanted Internet activity, and many of them also have personal information, because of which people also incur financial losses. Only last year, many large companies lost data, where users linked their personal information, as well as important data, such as bank details, passport data, pan-card data.

Company name Nok Data Afarfaected
British airways 380000 Payment card
Orbitsh 880000 billing addresses
phone numbers and emails
Sidag ः aalth 1.5 million Names and addresses in
Singapore Government Health
database and some
patient history
T-mobile 2 million Encrypted passwords and personal data
including account numbers
billing information and email addresses
Myfersonlity 4 million Facebook customers who used the myPersonality application
Sachs and Lord and Taylor 5 million Payment Card Numbers
Ksheinkcom 6 million Email Addresses and Encrypted Passwords
Cathay Pacific Airways 9 million 860,000 passport numbers;
245,000 ID numbers in Hong Kong
Crem 14 million Names, email addresses,
phone numbers and trip details
Timehop 21 million Names, email addresses and
several phone numbers
Tichketfaly 27 million names, addresses, email addresses and
phone numbers
facebook 29 million Highly sensitive data, including locations
Contact details,
relationship status, recent searches,
& Used to login
Cegg 40 million Names, email addresses,
shipping addresses as well as usernames and passwords
Google+ 52 million Private information on Google+ profiles
Cambridge Analytics 87 million Private information on Google+ profiles
Quora 100 million Account information, including names,
email addresses, encrypted passwords
Aadhar 1.1 billion Private information about India
residents, including names,
their 12-digit identification numbers, bank account

These are data breaks in 2018 and how many in 2019
In large companies like Google, Facebook, your account will not be
Data can not be avoided due to leaks and data breaks Aadhar in India
The biggest data breaches in 2018 are scandal. If you want to
Information on the Internet is safe, so you need to adopt the latest technology, take
And two-step authentication is one of them.

What is two-step authentication?

In the name of two-step verification and two-factor authentication (2FA)
Known. This is a security system in which you can log into any account.
To use or unlock, 2 steps are used to log in to your account.
For this, 2 different methods are used.

For example, if you have 2 verification steps for Gmail ON
Thus, Gmail cannot enter only with a password, its 2
Check the method that is selected for the step authentication process.

Benefits 2
Authentication factor:

If you do not want to be listed in the lists of the most popular data listed above
And you want to protect your account, then you have 2-step authentication
should use.

How do you know? Whether the account has been leaked or not

If you want to know what your gmail, facebook, instagram,
Tweeted your account or if you have not done so have
was pwned website Can check on

Features two-step authentication:

Want to set up two-factor authentication for any account
Thus, you can protect your account using these verification features.

Get codes using text message – your personal
Add a phone number to 2FA and whenever we sign in to an account
Then the verification code in our phone will come in a text message, enter it
You can only log in later.

Want to call instead? This function add
The code will receive a code through a call that will be registered after verification.

Reserve phone numbers – if for some reason
If you do not have a telephone network, you can get the code in another number
There is.

  • No connection, no problem – Google Authenticator application that runs on Android and iPhone without any connection.
  • The security key can be used to provide 100 percent security for two-step authentication. You can log in to your account only if it is installed on the system.
  • Backup codes – you can save autographs or use them after checking the authentication once.
  • Register your computers. If you have a personal computer, you can configure it so that you do not need two-step authentication for that computer only.

How to set up a two-step authentication factor for Facebook and Google?

Every existing account that has two-step authentication
The system is given, you can turn it on by going to the security section, and this is very
The easiest way to do this. If you cannot see 2FA for any reason,
You can check by visiting the portal support service. Here I am the two most common sites
In a two-step test, I tell you.

How to set up two-step authentication factor for Google?

From Google account we use all of its applications.
Such as the Play Store, Google Adsense, Google Ad, etc. Some of our sites
An important repository of information is that if there are any reasons for leaks, then we
The problem may be.

In this case, you need to set up two-step authentication for your Google account, and this is very simple. You just need to open https://myaccount.google.com/ and go to the “Security” section to enable two-step authentication.

Google 2FA

How to set up a two-step authentication factor for Facebook?

Just like Google, Facebook and Facebook, too, specifically
This is taking very seriously in India last year due to data breaches
His problems have increased, and for this reason he protects each user account.

You will need to log into the FB account and proceed to the configuration from the “Security and Login” section, and you can enable two-step authentication from there.

Facebook 2FA

Friends, 2-step authentication What is it Why is it used and how can it help you? I explained this in detail; you must include all 2 verification factors. This can make you very safe and save you from future cyber attacks. If you have any thoughts on this, then you should share in the comment.

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